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Monday, January 6, 2014

January 6, Second to Last Letter

Hello my dear family and friends! hope you are all healthy and safe! 
Hope you all had a wonderful new years as well.

This week Sister Lebaron and I were able to go back to Miri! My kampung 
of 8 months and her second area for 3 months. So it was a little bit 
bitter sweet for both of us to go back there to go on splits with the 
What we didn't realize was the on the day we arrived to Miri, the 
District Christmas party was going on at the church! Unintentionally I 
was able to see so many of the wonderful people there I love so much! It 
warmed my heart seeing so many of them still strong and growing in the 
gospel. Happiness that was lasting and expanded the feelings of my heart.
On the opposite side though, it was heart aching to see many of the 
people I worked with not there or to hear that they were not active 
anymore, or not learning from the missionaries anymore.
I do know though that all things happen in God's timing that is for 
certain. And that there is no effort wasted if we strive to do the 
Lord's will. Because it is in his hands and he will do what is best.

The couple of days we were able to be in our area, every single one of 
our investigators but one went back to kampung. adu. haha. We thought 
kampung season was over lol.
But we were about to meet with that one investigator (Nickson friends of 
Andira) and he brought two friends! So all from that one flat tire. We 
met Andira which led to him plus three more people that are so prepared 
to hear the gospel!
It teaches me that when things are rough and I don't quite understand 
why things are going a certain way I must always doubt not, fear not! 
God knows exactly what he is doing.
we must press forward continually keeping his commandments and blessings 
will be showered upon us.

We are seeing great things happen in Stampin branch, and the members 
spirits are being lifted!

Sister Lebaron and I are doing so well too! She has been helping me a 
ton in my last few weeks of the mission. Giving me a lot of peace. I 
know that God knows us perfectly and has a plan for each one of us. We 
must be constantly aware of the need to help others. For a lot of us who 
have been baptized into this church, that is part of our covenant.
I know this is God's one and only true doctrine restored again to the 
earth through the Prophet Joseph Smith preparatory to the second Coming 
of the Christ.

In his name, Jesus Christ I know these things to be true.

Sister Blauer

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