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Monday, December 2, 2013

December 2

hello saudara saudari terkasihku :)
I am so grateful for you all and the support you have given me on my 
mission. It has TRULY made a difference. Missionaries need all the 
support that they can get! It gives us energy and commitment to press 
forward and do the Lords work with more zeal!

This week has been wonderful! We of course had Thanksgiving here (even 
though it is not celebrated) we had MLC the day of Thanksgiving in 
Singapore so Sister and President Mains provided us with a thanksgiving 
meal! :p
And ya know what? I actually LOVED IT! I never used to be fond of 
Thanksgiving food but now! WOAH. What was I thinking all of these years? 
Thanksgiving is THE BEST!! The food is SO DELICIOUS! I even enjoyed the 
stuffing and vegetables and turkey!!!
I think one of the many things I have gained on my mission is an 
appreciation for food! haha. I Like EVERYTHING now! There is nothing I 
will say no to eating! It all tastes SO GOOD!!! ok ok, except for the 
occasional squeaky seafoods. BUT other than that! It's all SEDAP! 

Also transfers came today. AND I"M STAYING! wahooo! and sister Thompson 
and I are not in a trio for her last two weeks!! yayyyy :D … And then 
after that president said I will get a new sister training leader 
companion for my last six weeks.

Our investigators are all AWESOME! We have a lot of future missionaries 
we are teaching and a lot of kingdom builders!
One of our investigators Othman (from Diana's family) the Ondod family, 
called us at 6:45 in the morning and told us he wouldn't be able to make 
it to church on Sunday because they went back to Kampung (village) haha 
so cute. He's the picture i sent last week. Short man, where his arms 
were wide open under the sign of the church.

We also took the bus in Kuching for the first time with a less active 
member Julia! Everyone told us it wasn't reliable, but we trusted in God 
and just did it anyway. We woke up earlier than normal and rode our 
bikes to her house. .. then after two buses and only two ringers later 
we got to the church in an hour and 45 minutes before the service 
started. It was wonderful! God truly blessed us and gave us the witness 
after the trial of our faith. ether 12:27

We also had the most incredible fast Sunday! Even though there are not 
very many people in our branch let alone active members, people were 
rushing up to the front to bear their testimonies! There was not a 
silent moment, it was AMAZING! And a lot of them gave testimonies on the 
rope experience we did the previous Tuesday, how we have to hold on to 
the word of God ALWAYS so we can make it safely back to the presence of 
our heavenly father. Sister Thompson and I worried that all the effort 
we had put into that activity didn't help many with their conversion but 
in fact IT DID! God softened so many hearts and once again we did not 
receive a witness until after the trial of our faith :) We must trust 
and ACT!

Things here are wonderful! and I love you all and am immensely grateful 
to my family and for the gospel which God and his Prophets have given to 
us to bring our families up in righteousness. .
And most importantly, I'm grateful to my Savior.

Love Sister Blauer
bertemu baru

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