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Monday, December 16, 2013

December 16

Hi my wonderful family and friends! tis the season. Can't believe how
fast it has come!
I think that Christmas is a lot the same here as it is in America. TONS
of Christmas decorations around the city, and music playing, but no one
knows the true meaning

I'm glad to say that we do.
For contacting methods we have been giving out a lot of those joy to the
world DVD's.
This past week I had FOUR flat tires. buhhhhhh hahaha. Sister Thompson
and I just stayed optimistic the whole time and laughed about it knowing
that God had something great in store for us. On the fourth flat I had
wait no, third time we were all the way out in Bintawa (industrial
area), in the downpour of torrential rain haha it was hilarious so we
walked to the nearest "bike place"  which was someones house/ old dusty
shop, where they repaired bikes for cheap.  It was a Chinese family half
Buddhist, half christian. When asking the teenage son if he would like
to learn more about Jesus Christ, he paused for a moment to ponder and
then with confidence, he said, YES.  As we were leaving the dad and him
had popped in the DVD of Joy to the world and the tabernacle choir was
blasting from that little shop of theirs.  A joy to hear :)

We have had continued blessings pour out from our heavenly Father.
Little tender mercies, reminding Sister Thompson and I that he is
grateful for the labor we have been doing in this part of his vineyard. 
Our Salakau family (short people-as my dad calls them) are doing
incredibly well!> They all encourage each other along to make sure they
read the scriptures daily and keep commitments. We did a lesson with
them all at the chapel . "A miniature rope experience" because they
missed out on the one before.  When they lifted their blind folds to see
the painting of Christ at the second coming they sat in awe (Sister
Thompson and I peered in through the door :p ). Diana said she was
filled with joy and happiness, and knew it was true some of the other
boys just sat staring for a while.
They definitely all felt the spirit.
That is what they need. To feel and recognize the spirit and have those
experiences to confirm their testimony of the truth.
We are going their tonight for a family home evening with a member family :)

As for Indyra and Nickson, they're Awesome! We met them last night. They
walked 45 Minutes to meet us!   Indyra has been reading and praying but
his friend Nickson had not yet.  Indyra had said for a long time already
he had been searching for the true church, and has been to many and
since them up until this point in his life he is still searching and
still feels kosong inside (empty). We shared with them about Joseph
Smith last night though and committed them to pray about his
experience.  They were game! They understood also that if this were
true, that would mean that they had finally met the true church, and
they were committed on being baptized if that were the case they also
introduced us to their friend that night and said he wanted to learn!
haha blessings!  Their friend is 24 and has met the missionaries
multiple times since he was 14  in Singapore and Sabah.  All very
educated people, and searching for the truth!  wah!! :D  so blessed to
teach so many prepared spiritually thirsty people :D all my brothers and

So my dear sweet Sister Thompson is going back to America in two days
:(She is an INCREDIBLE missionary! She has taught me so much about the
missionary and person I want to be.  I have had an incredible experience
serving with her in this area and she has helped me become the preach my
Gospel missionary I always wanted to be but was never quite sure how to
do.  She has done so much good here and I hope so realizes that.  I love
her so much!
She will be going back to Utah State though so I will see her soon :)))

That's about all folks! Love you all a million!

This is Gods one and only Church.  I know it to be true through my own
experience of searching the scriptures and prayer, and following the
principles for myself.
In the name of Jesus Christ, amen.
Sister Blauer

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