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Monday, December 9, 2013

Dec 9, 2013

Hello kawan kawan dan ahli ahli keluargaku.
How is everyone doing so far? How's life? I guess it's weird to ask 
that question to you all cause I'll probably not get a specific 
response. I should stop asking awkward ended questions to a computer, lol.

Well! Things here are GRAND! We have had a magnificent week! I'll start 
with the silly then get down to the spiritual. This week Sister Thompson 
and I made a goal to eat exotic fruit everyday this week. (considering 
it is fruit season) and we accomplished our goal! wahooooo I Love goal 
setting! haha. We ate durian 6 days this week and for the one day that 
we missed we had cempedak, langsat and pineapple. What a dinner!! :p

As for the spiritual side, our investigators are INCREDIBLE! God has 
blessed us with so many wonderful ones too, and again, has blessed us 
with three more future priesthood holders this week! Our branch 
definitely needs it.
One miracle was riding home at the end of the night from an appointment 
and I got a flat tire. Being very far from home and any repair station 
and too late at night to do anything about it, we had to call our 
awesome senior couple the Moulders. I thought that the blessing was not 
having to ride my bike home cause I was drained! haha.
But then, the next morning after we went and got it fixed we saw an 
Indian food restaurant next door, and God knew Sister Thompson and I are 
suckers for Indian food, so we went and had our lunch there :) and 
while there a boy sitting at the table next to us looked at us and was 
like, hi sisters, it's me, Andira. We had completely forgotten what one 
of our potential investigators looked like, Andira, because it had been 
so long since we last made first contact with him. But we had been 
trying to meet with him ever since we got to Kuching. He was there 
along with his friend Nickson.
That night he was texting us and said that his friend Nickson wanted to 
learn from us. The next day we met with them both and shared with them 
our purpose and had a lesson with them. They said they're ready and 
willing to begin learning from us! Light was beaming from their eyes and 
they had big grins on their faces, and gladly accepted the commitment to 
come to church the following week :D

Lately I've been thinking a lot about magnifying my call as a set apart 
representative of the Lord and what that entails and asking myself "soul 
searching" questions to gauge how well I'm doing. Like in Alma 5, but 
from a missionary standpoint. But hey, I guess we're all missionaries 
now aren't we? :)

From district conference this past weekend an Elder from Taiwan said, 
God can not bless us if we do not keep his commandments/laws. What are 
all of God's commandments? Do we know what they all are and what 
blessings could we be receiving in more full if we were keeping them all?

I love you all. God Speed.
Sister Blauer

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