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Monday, December 30, 2013

Dec 30

Hi wonderful family and friends mine. I hope your holiday season was 
wonderful!/ is wonderful:)

This past week has been amazing just as all of the rest have been on my 
mission. Sister Lebaron and I have been continuing to keep our eyes 
single to the glory of God.
We have continued to see Gods hand in our work every day!
A few weeks ago sister Thompson and I fasted for members to come to 
church and STAY and not just leave after the first hour like they always 
Yesterday, we had the most people I have ever seen stay in Sunday school 
and combined meeting I've ever seen! So that was a miracle in itself!.
We were able to meet with our relief society presidency (well half) 
president and counselor, and a teacher for the first time ever and get 
them excited about being saints of the Church of Christ again! Instill 
some hope in them and get a visiting teaching plan going. It was super 
exciting! This Branch is getting stronger and stronger. INCREDIBLE!

All of the Ondod family except for Diana is at Kampung right now so we 
just went and visited her and WOW, she explained her whole story to us! 
How Her husband has been very unfaithful to her, and it made her so 
upset so she would always be so so angry with God and just sit on the 
balcony and drink and smoke and drink and smoke smoke smoke.. and she 
wouldn't even pay attention to her two girls. Go to pubs. Angry all the 
time and unhappy.
She got to the point where she decided she needed to go back to Church 
but didn't know which one to go to. People would try and give her small 
books from church and other things but she would get defensive and 
wouldn't want any of it. Til ONE DAY! :) Sister Blauer and Sister 
Thompson came riding down the hill all wet with a ripped skirt and asked 
her for directions to a skirt shop. And the rest has been so much better 
since! She is just so so so happy! She has found the true church. She 
has a STRONG desire to change and follow God. She was just BEAMING last 
night when we were talking with her. She is just like, I AM SO HAPPY! 
Her smile was indescribable. All of her brothers agree too that ever 
since she started learning from the Sisters, shes nicer now and more 
calm:) lol. She has read up til the end of Alma almost. Always just 
reads reads reads, especially when she is tempted to smoke. And the 
other day her little girl Evelyn (7 yrs old) saw her reading too and 
said, mom I want to read the Book of Mormon too! So she borrowed one of 
her brothers and copied a whole verse from it in 7 year old handwriting 
and presented it to us. WAH!> The Gospel truly blesses families. so so 
much! The influence of that mother Diana is going to have a huge effect 
on her to girls for the rest of their lives.

Everything here is Great! Love it so much. Never want to leave. haha 
even though it rains daily! Sister Lebaron and I just bought some 
really nice raincoats oooh ya. Call home E.T. that's what we look 
like! lol

This Church is True! We Are so blessed!
I love the opportunity God has given me to come to earth and Live his 
Gospel masa kini and help others to find the truth for themselves always 
and understand the great and eternal plan!
Love sister Blauer

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