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Monday, December 23, 2013

Dec 23rd

Hello hello hellloooo HO HO HOOOOO.  MERRY CHRISTMAS!
I pray we all remember the Spirit of Christmas, drop the "mas" these next few days.  That we may remember whom we praise, and serve and love always, by word and thought and action. 
I am so grateful that Christ was born, lived, suffered, died and then lived again, so that we might over come death and sin and become even as he is.
I just received my new and last companion, Sister Lebaron! :)  from Highland Utah.
She IS LEGIT! Super stoked to work with her and we have already seen countless miracles happen!
Saturday night we went to teach a member how to read who's 24 but moved around a lot as a kid and never had the opportunity, Madelene, her older brother, Elder Jahali is in our mission and before we taught her she said sisters, one of our family members is sick will you go pray for him?  We of course accepted the invitation.  They took us to a family that Sister Thompson and I had already tried looking for. A less active family.  The father, Ramli,  said that there were some people at Kampung that were envious of him and so they did black magic on him to make him sick.   The mind is a very powerful thing and he allowed Satan to get into his head. At the beginning of the encounter he was very sick looking, very sullen, and trodden down, darker. But by the end of the meeting, he wore a smile upon his face and light was brought back to his countenance. After meeting with him Madelene showed us to another family of hers, less active as well.  We shared a message of Christ with them and prayed with them. One of the members of that family lost his book of Mormon in a fire a few years ago, and wanted another so we said if he found a way to come to church tomorrow we would get him another one.
The next day, both families came to church. All three hours.  A Miracle!
Another Miracle. Andira came to church! :D  And really enjoyed it. After church we watched the restoration film with him because he said he has been reading and praying every day to receive his answer about Joseph Smith but has yet to get his answer. After watching the movie he said that he felt happy and excited, like he felt the holy ghost and that this could be true. He wants to be positive before he commits to being baptized, but he was super happy! and so were we :)  FUTURE KINGDOM BUILDER!
Last night We taught the Ondod family the Word of Wisdom. oye haha. (Word of Wisdom is a big deal here and really gets people worked up) it was a really good lesson! We were scared to teach it for a while, but God guided us through the whole thing and definitely softened all of their hearts. At first when we told them about the things they could not partake of. Hendry got up and left the room. Ikes. lol. But then we called him back in and talked to all four of them and shared the promises in D&C 89. And it was incredible to see the changes wrought in all of them by the end of the lesson. They all committed to strive and stop all of it! We went one by one and committed them to each thing. The two that were hard for them was smoking and coffee.  Larry was like. Sisters, I am planting a coffee garden in the back. He really likes his coffee! lol.  But they understood the consequences and blessings of the Word of Wisdom and committed to Change.  LOVE THAT FAMILY!
The Atonement is SO WONDERFUL!  A blessing to change, to repent. A true gift.
I love you all, MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!!!!
Sister Blauer

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