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Monday, November 18, 2013

November 18

HEllloooooooo My beautiful family and friends! apa khabar kamu semua?

I hope WELL! :) it sounds like it's getting cold there. uggghh. Not 
looking forward to dying cause of hypothermia.

Things here are GREAT! We went to Miri this past week to go on splits 
with the sisters there and I went back into my old area! Weird. It was 
super fun and heart warming to see some of the members again!
I also saw some of my previous investigators Andrew and Christina (the 
ones that saw me off at the airport). Christina has entered another 
church and Andrew has kind of forgotten a lot and stopped reading the 
Book of Mormon. .. but he still wants to be baptized.
It did break my heart a little bit at first, but then I remembered that 
God is in this work, it is HIS work and I need not doubt, just trust him.
It is so interesting being in an area where first generations are 
entering the church all around. So many pioneers of the church here. 
But I know God will consecrate our efforts and that the Kingdom of God 
will be strong and prevalent in years to come here.

Down below is a picture of us in Miri with a massive plantain, yum!
And below that is our awesome progressing investigator Tatu (tah-too) 
He LOVES everything we have taught him so far and loves how the church 
feels. He's humble and has a good heart and wants to be close to God.

I don't know what else to say other than, I have little time here and so 
much to do!
Fortunately I'll have more missionary work to do after this :)
I love you all so much. This is the True Church of God. Please hold 
fast to the Iron Rod!

Love Sister Blauer

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