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Monday, November 4, 2013

Nov 4

Hello all of my beloved ones! :D 
Sorry this email will be really short. We had deepavoli (sp) Indian festival at a members house today and Sister Thompson and I got lost trying to get to an email place. So I have a teensy bit of time only!
But my goodness! This week has been miraculous!
I still have not gotten my bike yet, amazingly. So I have been borrowing another sisters :/
But we finally got to go out out into our area last Thursday. We decided to fast.  The day went well and we found a less active family who hadn't been in 5 years and have forgotten almost everything :( It is so easy to go inactive here, we just have to help them use the Atonement and trust in Christ and make sacrifices and they will come back strong!
So the next day is when all the crazy stuff happened!
1. Torrential downpour (happens almost daily in Kuching aye Oh, not like Miri). So we were desperate to get to this inactive persons home, so we walked through sewer water to get there! :x Then he wasn't home and had moved to Bintulu, but we got a hold of him regardless.
2. my skirt ripped in TWO  places. Big hole in the back and all at the bottom hahaha.
3. We tried finding another inactive members home (that's what our work consists of but from there comes new people to teach). So we walked up this huge hill on our bikes and at the top was this MANSION! We thought "what the hay", might as well knock or dial in ha.
and the gate OPENED! hahahahahaha, we met their maid and the grandmother. SO NICE!  But the rest of the family wasn't there. They are Christian and they told us to come back. Sweet!
4. Tried looking for a place to buy a new skirt for Sister Blauer. Pulled over and asked this cute little woman and she pointed us in the right way. She was GOLD. We gave her a Book of Mormon and scheduled a return appointment (yesterday) She ended up bringing us to her home because we were drenched and her and her brother took me to buy a new skirt :D haha.
We returned to their home last night and there were 13 people there! All eyes and ears waiting to hear our message!
Sister Thompson and I just looked at each other and were like, okay, let's do this! The Spirit taught the entire lesson. So powerful! Questions were asked, eyes were opened, we shared the Plan of Salvation and smiles were upon their faces and soaked up the message we had to share with them. 
We will be returning next Sunday again.
If you just have faith and pray unceasingly! That is all God is waiting for. FOR US TO ACT.
I am so grateful to be here in Kuching at this time, and God is blessing us with so many miracles!
We as well got a less active to bring us to Demak Laut (a city?). We have an in active former branch president who lives there who has already been to the temple. Not once has a set of missionaries come to visit him since he has been there and members have not been since last Christmas. 
We taught a powerful message about the Atonement and we know that they could feel it.

I often think to myself, if ONLY my parents, my family, could see me now. If Only they could see the miracles and Behold the things I see everyday! YOU CAN!
I love This Gospel with all my heart.
I love you all!
Sister Blauer

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