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Monday, November 25, 2013

Nov 25

Hello Dearest family and friends.

Things here in Kuching are the BEST! My heart has literally (ouch) 
exploded out of me in every direction because of the joy I feel!
Yesterday we had investigators come to church for the first time! Diana 
(lady I met when I ripped my skirt) Akim, Othman, and Larry! I WAS SO 
happy. And to see the huge smiles they had on their faces made me burst 
inside with warmth. I couldn't stop touching my heart. I will send 
pictures of all of us to you. They are not smiling in the pictures 
though cause Malaysians don't smile in pictures haha. But just imagine 
them grinning big. Later after church they all went exploring in the 
back side of the church and sitting in the rain because they were so 
happy! lol. Larry jumped on his brother Othman and fell down hahaha so 
funny! We asked Diana if they were normally this happy, and she said no 
sister this is not normal, they are never happy like this. Rare. :D :D
The Gospel is TRUTH! It can change anyone. Can lift and inspire and 
brighten anyone's soul.

I can honestly say that right now, Sister Thompson and I are physically 
exhausted! haha. We bike everywhere! I have never felt so much physical 
exhaustion for such a long time that lasted for more than a year, and I 
never had the time to take a nap to make up the deficiency. When were 
riding our bikes up big hills sometimes I have to sing energizing 
inspiring songs and pray really really hard! lol and sometimes it even 
gets so hard I imagine my loving guardian angels who have already passed 
on encouraging me along and giving me the strength not to quit. I think 
some of those angels are my family and then I wonder if God has assigned 
me specific angels to watch me and my companion, or if they take shifts? 
lol. Or do I even know who they are? All I know is that they're around 
us all the time.

I can truly say with all of my heart that this mission has CHANGED my 
life. I now look at the gospel as something I understand and can apply 
in my life. The medicine to my imperfect self, not just a bunch of 
complex gospel words I cannot understand. It is Real and I will strive 
to live it forever.

Moses 1:12-13. I am a Daughter of God. We are all sons and daughters of 
our God.

Love you forever!
Sister Blauer

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