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Monday, October 7, 2013

October 7, 2013

Hi My beautiful Family!

How are you all this week? You're letters are amazing and always make 
me smile:)
.. So sorry this week will be a short email..
We went to Pulau Ubin today (bike riding) and just got back like 30 min. 
to write you and president before we go out for proselyting! blah!
Okay so I'll highlight some miracles and what happened this week.
The Lord has been blessing us with multiple people to teach! We were in 
a bit of a slump of our pool of people to teach for a bit there so we 
are so happy to finally have some people to teach!
Cejays family-still teaching! Amazing! The Mother said she had been 
praying asking God if she should let us come over or not and had been 
waiting for a sign. When we started sharing the First Vision she was in 
tears. We think She got her sign? :)
Ian- (walk in from church last week) met him twice since! Is 
freethinker, Singaporean Chinese, 25, but wants to know his purpose in 
life and is curious about Christianity. Very good listener.
He was worried that there wouldn't be enough room in Heaven for 
Everyone! How sweet! =)

Mohan- My dear Sweet Sister Hawea and her companion sister Lenhart ( In 
Kuala Lumpur, West Malaysia) contacted a man from their building, Mohan 
(from India) and gave him a Book of Mormon. His other living station is 
here in Sengkang area Singapore! our area :)) we met with him yesterday 
after church! very Interested and so kind! he didn't think we'd actually 
contact him haha. But of course we always do! :o
We went over The Godhead and prayer with him.
There is another lady and her two kids that walked into church last 
week, came again yesterday, and we will be meeting her next week! :)

We went on Splits with the Chua Chu Kang Sisters this week also! I went 
with Sister Pettitt. She is the group before me. Born in America, lived 
in Holland for a bit, and is from France. Speaks like SEVEN languages! 
It's incredible. In one day I got to hear her speak four of those with 
people. Chinese, Dutch, Malay and English Incredible. Knowledge really 
is Power! Knowledge (the good kind) is a way we can become more 
effective tools in God's hands.
She is an amazing missionary and I learned a lot from her! She always 
knocks the door three times giving everyone the fair chance! haha. She's 
like hey, I don't want to get up to the day of judgement and say that I 
didn't give them a fair shot lol.
She also served in the same branch of Miri as I did, after me. So she 
filled me in on a lot of things and helped me know that the work me and 
my previous companions did was really worth it. Certain people who had 
finally come to church or were finally learning It made me so incredibly 
happy. I was in tears. She has the wonderful ability to make others feel 
good about themselves.

So tomorrow Sister Tehrani I and are going to Kuala Lumpur, West 
Malaysia (SO STOKED) never been there before :P Only ever been to Miri 
and Singapore haha. I hear it's an even bigger melting pot than here! 
And I get to see Sister Guzman and Hawea again. yayyy :D
We'll be going on splits with the sisters on Wednesday, Thursday, and 
Friday. Flying back on Saturday morning hopefully just in time for the 
first session of CONFERENCE!

I"m loving EVERY moment of missionary work here! Sister Tehrani and I 
LOVE the people here, the members, recent converts, investigators, all 
our Family! I can't imagine my life without meeting all of them.
I love you all.
This church is TRUE!
Love always,
Your Sister Blauer
a.k.a. the Malaysian blonde:)

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