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Monday, October 28, 2013

October 28th

Hello. Apa Khabar semua? Sekarang, saya di Kuching East Malaysia. Sangaat berbeza dari Singapura atau Miri. (How are you all? Now, I'm in East Malaysia. Sangaat different from Singapore or Miri. from translator)
So I have been recently "relocated" and am currently stationed in the Kota (city) of Kuching East Malaysia.  Capital city in fact so it is much more developed than Miri was, but definitely still has the "Malaysian" feel which I Love!

I want to become Malaysian So badly. haha. Sorry mama and papa, I'm going to live here forever :p
So many cool tribes exist here.  Like the ones who live in long houses, with tribal tattoos all over, and droopy ears. Oh ya, I think droopy ears would be a good look for me =).
So sister Thompson and I are still pretty fresh in the area. Still trying to figure everything out and waiting for my bicycle to get shipped here. God has put some amazing people in our walking path. 
For instance, yesterday we were walking in the area of Tabuan Dayak (near the chapel), and we were talking to a man about the Book of Mormon. While doing so we heard someone call out to us from behind.   We turned around and saw the man holding and pointing to a Book of Mormon.
 ha! So we finished the conversation with the first man, and then headed back.
So this other man that had called out to us (Jutang), said he had met the sisters over a year ago but is still an in active Roman Catholic.
He said that moments before he saw us he decided he wanted to buang (get rid of) alcohol and smoking. He said he wanted to have peace in his life and low and behold he saw us out on the street holding the Book of Mormon! :D  He said he's ready for a change! We have a return appointment with him and his wife tomorrow!
This is only but ONE of the multiple miracles and incredible people Sister Thompson and I have met together.  We know that the Lord is preparing these people for us, and we know it is also because of our faith in him and our constant prayers and specific asking to find these certain people.
I love this place and these people so much already and I am excited to bring back some of the 400+ Less active members that live in our branch.
Help them to become Truly Converted. Help them to have spiritual experiences.
I fully feel that the Lord is side by side with us in this work right now, and that God Sent Sister Thompson and I at this specific time to do this marvelous work in this area that really needs uplifting.
I know the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints the Gereja yang Sejati (The True Church).
Ini adalah kesaksian saya. (This is my testimony).
Love Sister Blauer!

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