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Monday, October 21, 2013

October 21, 2013

Hello beautiful family and friends(which are family anyways)!! =)))))
How are you all? 
So this week has been packed!.
First off.   I'm getting transferred. Back to East Malaysia.  Never thought that would happen.ha  I was in Miri (same branch) for 8 months, then here in AMK ward for 6 months.  I for sure thought I'd be here for longer.  I couldn't help but cry when I received the news from President. I hold the people in Ang Mo Kio so dear to my heart. I can't imagine not having each of them in my life.  He also told me I will still be a Sister Training leader, but over in East Malaysia (there are two sets in the mission). I will be white washing an area with Sister Thompson (The Best from MTC). We are going to white wash Stompin' branch in Kuching, Sarawak East Malaysia.  I am so excited, but definitely nervous and sad at the same time. The branch has recently fallen apart, but I know with much Fasting and Prayer and the Lord on our side, Sister Thompson and I with Christ working shoulder to shoulder with us, this Branch will come back strong!.  The Lord is hastening his work and we must always be ready and worthy and filled with the spirit to help his work along!
So we had a lesson with Paul (returning back to activity). The video we were going to watch was taking forever to set up! So while getting a little antsy, Paul said he was going to turn on some music. We said, so long as it is gospel approved . He proceeded to play Michael Jackson and bust out into some ridiculous dance moves! (totally out of the ordinary for him)  HILARIOUS!
Afterwards we proceeded to watch the amazing BYU devotional "His grace is sufficient" by Brad Wilcox (recommend that all watch), the spirit was super strong and right as the film ended, Philip Liu (our cute 60 year old recent convert) started belting out "amazing grace" and sang EVERY verse!  Most incredible lesson ever. I feel so lucky to be here and to know all of these wonderful brothers and sisters. I now know why God let me stay in Miri and Singapore each for so long.  I needed to develop these wonderful relationships with all of my family here. 
They have strengthened me so much and given me a stronger desire to share the restored Gospel with more energy of heart.  Now on my mission and Forever After! This is the Time, the Lords work.  
In conference we were invited to have one friend to bring to the church before December! I am SO excited to see who you will all invite (who the lord is preparing for you!)  be prayerful about it, and I know the Lord will put someone in your path in whom you can share the Gospel with.
Also! As you saw by the picture, Gong Gong was BAPTIZED! Yay!  Cutest old man ever!. Sister Hawea and I feel so lucky to have taught him his first lesson in Malay :D haha. His son Michael is such a wonderful example of inviting his family to come unto Christ.
So there is this really cool short scripture chain sister Tehrani showed me. 
Begins in Ezekial 11:19. Now think of a heart transplant and how we get that new heart and must nourish it to keep healthy (even if at first we of course feel great cause we have a new heart!) Now relate that to Alma 5:26, when we are baptized it is like we are getting a new heart, but after we get that new heart at baptism, are we still taking our medicine everyday (words of God) are we exercising to keep it healthy (church, prayer, family home evening, visiting and home teaching, keep all of the commandments etc.), at the end it ask, can ye feel so now?, does your heart feel the same as when you received that new transplant (baptism) or is it Better? worse? 
I hope that gives us something to ponder on.
We are so blessed to have the restored full Gospel of God. Let us not partake of His Gospel partially only. But FULLY. Do not let yourselves miss out on the magnificent blessings that come from being True followers of Christ. 
I know Jesus Christ's restored Church contains the full, eternal truth.  The truth comes from God and God can never be stopped.

Til Next week! Will be speaking to you from a Malay speaking country again!. 
Love Sister Blauer

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