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Monday, October 14, 2013

October 14, 2013

HELLOOOOOO my Beautiful family! :D
Apa khabar lah? Saya berhapan bahawa kamu semua sihaaaat :)  dan gembira, dan sekarang dapat cari kebahagiaan dalam perjalanan kehidupan awak.
So this past week has been wonderful!  Sister Tehrani and I were able to go to Kuala Lumpur this past week and go on exchanges with all of the sisters there.
They are all amazing sisters too!
I was able to go the first day with Sister Taylor(my trainee/daughter) into her area of Cheras.  We continued praying oft throughout the day, and miracles did not cease to occur! The first appointment we had did not answer the door (very old and was sleeping and went back later), we decided to knock the surrounding doors (her first time knocking in KL) LUCKILY we had first timers success and the first door we went to had a man outside making a birdcage and the door was wide open. We began speaking with the daughter and then the mom peeped her head around the wall and heard us speaking Malay and allowed us to come in. Score. MIRACULOUSLY THIS WOMAN HAD A BOOK OF MORMON ALREADY! :o  Apparently her sister who now lives in Australia gave it to her a while back, we were in awe! lol. She had never met the missionaries before either, so that was pretty awesome! She was more than happy to have us return and continue sharing with her and her daughter =)
Sister Taylor the rest of the day was on Fire! Talking to everyone and gave out two copies of the Book of Mormon!  It was a wonderful day.
The next day I went on exchanges with Sister Guzman:D in the KL area.  Miss that girl so much! We went and taught an investigator Yoothra (13 yrs old, mother less active). Adorable sassy girl! knows a lot.
After that we went and taught Vaanitha (will be baptized in a few weeks) She referred herself on after she had overheard her bother talking about the Book of Mormon in a discussion with his friend ( She Loves books and had to learn more) She is AMAZING and wants to become a missionary. Uber strong testimony.
Sister Guzman is an incredible teacher. Clear and powerful, and people Love listening to her teach.
The Last day of Exchanges we went to PJ where my sister Hawea was! =D  Her and her trainee Sister Lenhart are whitewashing the area, so they are struggling a bit to have lessons but they are staying optimistic and working hard!
I went with Sister Lenhart that day and had a stream of miracles happen.
First we met with a less active named Vincent from Nigeria.  He said that in the past year that he has been inactive, NO one has contacted him.  So of course when the sisters called him, he was happy to meet :)  we told him that Sister Lenhart was new too and needed some practice on the lessons, so he agreed to let us teach him the lessons :D (application from this experience- go seek out those less/inactive members on your ward list and INVITE them.. to anything).
After that, Sister Lenhart proceeded to give out two copies of the book of Mormon! Star. After that we went to go and find former investigators named Rose & Ryan.  Rose answered the door (could only speak Malay). Sister Lenhart is an English sister so I spoke with her a bit and she allowed us to enter.  She was so nice! and willing to learn! She said that the Elders just stopped coming to meet with her, aye ohh lol.
So we set up a return appointment with her and then she was like, can I go introduce you to my Christian friend now? haha. CAN.  She introduced us to Orlina working in the laundromat down below. Amazingly sweet woman!, was above grateful to meet us lol.  It was crazy. This woman has been prepared! She said they could come back and do a lesson with her on Sunday! haha.   sigh.. so many miracles. :) All wrought by the hand of God through our diligence and faith (action) and prayers.  Afterwards we had to rush to get over to our next appointment so we walked a while looking for a taxi and having no success. Decided to pray, instantly after opening our eyes a taxi pulled up :) hahah. I LOOOOOOOOOOOVVVVEE Prayer :) haha. God is good.
OK, sorry almost done! two more miracles from that day.
Sister Lenhart and I got on the train and we were scared to talk to people for some reason (Satan) so we decided to pray right there in our hearts. Moments after finishing my prayer I looked over at the woman across from me  and she asked, " What church are you from?...." .. With a HUUUUUUGE massive grin on my face, I confidently said, The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter day Saints!  She is an Indian woman, single living with her nieces, looking for more spirituality in her life.
We gave her a Book of Mormon, and shared the Gospel with her. 
After we relayed to her how we were praying just beforehand asking God to open our mouths and have more confidence to speak with people, and then she began speaking with us and then she said, ya know what?  I had a voice come to  me saying that I should talk to you people, but I ignored it. Then the voice came a second time, and I just told myself that I was too shy, then the voice came a third time telling me I should greet you all.  So I did.
................ :O ...................................... jaw dropping experience! Right as we were getting off the train she called to us, "CALL ME LATER!"  wahhh :) the church is TRUE! God is preparing the way for his Children.
After that, we had a little bit of time before the end of the day and walked to a less active near their apartment.  A Filipino man (30's), was surprised to see us and asked how we found him. We're like, come on, were the missionaries! lol. We know where to find everyone haha.
He was happy to see us though! and talked with us for a while, and said he'd come to general conference and that we could meet with him again. :))) YAYYYY!!!
It was a wonderful week! The best.
Here are some good quotes I'll share with ya before I head out.
"Satan wants us to see people as they are, rather than who they can become, or who God wants or knows they can be."
"Satan does not want us to see the eternal perspective of life.  He wants us to focus on the here and now, and forget about the judgement and final state of our eternal destiny."
I love you all immensely and pray for you daily! Stay strong carry on!
Dengan kasih,
Sister Blauer

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