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Monday, September 30, 2013

September 30

Hello Keluargaku!

Apa khabar? Khabar saya, BAGUS SEKALI!
This week has been wonderful! And I truly believe that there must be opposition in all things!
We have been having a down slump for the past little while, but things are now starting to look UP! :D
WE ARE TEACHING A FAMILY! and guess who's? Cejays! :)
btw, for most of you that don't know, teaching families in Singapore=RARE!
So this is a miracle in itself.
We had our first lesson with them on Friday and taught  the plan of Salvation, and Brother Rico followed. The mothers English is fairly good, but it was really helpful to have a tagolog speaking member there.
The mom, the dad, Cejay, and his little sister are all on board! Asking tons of good questions! Already said they would be baptized, and want us to come back next Friday for the lesson of The Restoration. :D  This is proof of Ether 12:6, that the miracles do really happen after the trial of our faith.  So even though Sister Hawea and I fasted and prayed multiple times to teach a family, it did not come instantly.  But through diligence and trusting the Lord, It became a reality =)
In that lesson my joy and good feelings were overflowing out of my heart and tear filled eyes (fortunately during the prayer so no one could see :p)

Other Miracles. We had four walk ins come into church yesterday. :O  So Cool. Miracles never cease to exist :) One of which... cough... was a family =)  3 out of the 4 live right next to the church. Yay, (our area) and the other in the elders area who had met the Elders 7 years ago, and his heart told him to come to the church today :)
I truly believe as preach my gospel says, that NO effort is wasted. We must always have hope and confidence when sharing the gospel, and eventually, or quite instantly good WILL come of it!

This week we went on splits with 3rd Ward Sisters, and Woodlands Sisters. We continued to pray every hour throughout the day and miracles continued to occur. I have a strong testimony that prayers are VITAL.  Praying to our Heavenly Father (although seemingly small and less crucial), is the beginning of Great things!
example: Cejay was a referral from Shawn Harwood (16 yr old member friend), when the Dionglay family first got to Singapore, Cejays mom and been PRAYING for Cejay to meet a friend. Here comes along Shawn, member of the church. See, it all begins with prayer :)

I will leave you with a few scriptures/quotes
Hebrews 11 - good chapter about faith! Look at the miracles that are wrought by faith vs. 33-34
LOVE chapter 14 of Mosiah :)

Any excuse no matter how valid, only weakens the character (mixture of two quotes, NOT VERBATIM) ha.

LOVE YOU ALL have a splendid week!
Sister Blauer

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