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Monday, September 23, 2013

September 23, 2013

helllloooooooooo we meet once again :)
I shall continue on my weekly dialogue to you all as a Missionary for 
The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter day Saints. A.K.A. BEST CALLING EVER/
So this week we went on  splits with the Bedok Sisters.  THE BEST! First 
round of our splits, so hopefully we didn't mess up too bad haha.
I went with Sister Stokes. I was stoked to be her companion for the day 
:) she is still in her training right now. Amazing missionary, so sweet!
So that morning when we arrived at the sisters place we did a devotional 
with them about faith. We all challenged each companionship to pray 
every hour throughout that day to increase our faith :D.
And my ohhhh my did it ever work! We were in complete awe as the day 
progressed. Everyone (literally) accepted the gospel when we shared it 
with them. Everyone was kind to us! People even came up to us hahaha.
Ex. A. background knowledge-. Sister Blauer is now intimidated by all 
Caucasians. She thinks she is Asian and forgets how outsiders see her.
So we were Jalaning down a jalan and saw an older Caucasian woman.  I 
mustered up the courage to speak to her!  haha So nice! We proceeded to 
walk with her through the neighborhood.   She is originally from New 
York and is a unitarist (sp?). Believes in Unitarianism. Here I am 
thinking, What in the world is that?  All I know is Buddhist, Taoist, 
free thinkers, Hindus, Christians, Athiest, etc. The Usual! But 
Unitarianism? I don't even know how to begin a convo with this woman! 
haha.  And then I begin seeing Sister Stokes pull out a copy of the Book 
of Mormon (in my head I was sooo doubtful thinking there is no way this 
woman is going to accept that book. Oh Sister Blauer and her little 
faith). After Sister Stokes introduced the book, this woman GLADLY 
accepted it and said she would Definitely Read it! :O  I had to be 
humbled. lol. Sister Stokes has SO much faith and I learned a lot from 
her that day about just being bold and explaining clearly and 
confidently the truths that are well. TRUE!
The day proceeded with miracles and an Increase of Faith! More copies of 
the Book of Mormon were given and appointments were made.  We even 
visited one less active (Singaporean-our age) who lived in RIVERTON UTAH 
for four months. hahahhaha. SMALL WORLD! He is meeting up with the 
sisters and some brothers from the ward this week for dinner :)   crazy 
My typed words cannot to any extent describe the day we had. We were 
freaking out and of course giving much thanks to God.   Since then I 
have been much bolder, MORE PRAYERFUL, and more trusting in God's 
:) Miracle :) We hope to be teaching their family soon!
Oh yes! Philip Tiu and Colin Ho Received the Aaronic Priesthood 
yesterday! WAHOOOOOOo :) So happy.
Oh yes! We have also been in a trio for the past week with Sister 
Haslett temporarily, so that has been AWESOME! we've been having a 
blast! :) miss that girl. Goes home next month :(
Also, I'd like to give a shout out to my BESTEST little brother in the 
WORLD! My buddy Conor! Love you a million BUD! hope your birthday is the 
best! I'm so grateful for you and that you were born into this world. 
Love you always!!
The Church is TRUE!. The Kingdom of God, once again re established on 
the earth!
Love always, Sister Blauer :)

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