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Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Sept 2, 2013

Hellooooo Semua kawan kawanku!! Apa Khabar Minggu ini??
Saya Baik lah.. ada BANYAK MUKJIZAT!
Saya akan Bermula dengan mukjizat nombor SATUU!
haha... go to google translate and then you will understand ;)
So this week has been, INCREDIBLE!
sigh..... :)
May miracles, ready set, GO!
K, so first! We had challenged the Lau family (active) to share their 
testimonies the following fast Sunday.
We met with Colin a few days ago on Friday, and basically said, what 
would be stopping you from being baptized? YOU"RE READY! and he just 
thought, ya know, I've been wondering that myself! I guess just my 
family because of my Family (athiest) but you're right. We invited him 
to be baptized on the 7th of September. He was shocked at first, but 
said, okay.  I'll pray about it and let you know!  The next morning we 
received an text saying, good morning Sisters. OK. Saturday :)  I prayed 
this morning and I got an answer.
My Companion was in tears. I was so filled with EXCEEDING JOY!  We 
started jumping up and down and hugging each other with huge grins on 
our faces (in a public mall lol).  This kid is a very special one. I 
wish you all could meet him! He is definitely destined for greatness.
A few days prior to this we went to a members home (father and mother 
Ang are very fond of Colin lol). And Brother Michael Ang bore a 
massively powerful Testimony! So much that tears were streaming from 
this mans face, the spirit was intense and you could not deny the truth 
that was born in that home. (Colin pondered upon those words following 
that night). I believe that everyone can make a small contribution to 
someones eternal and crucial Conversion to the Gospel! Every testimony, 
every small act of kindness, love, fellowship, can make the difference 
for someones eternal salvation.
Following that day, Brother Michael Ang had definitely been touched by 
the spirit and felt that his 85 year old father needed to hear the 
gospel. (he speaks Mandarin, dialect- teo cheow (sp) and a bit of simple 
Malay) so he asked us to teach his father the gospel! That he was 
finally ready to listen and accept!
Kong Kong (the 85 year old man) previously Taoist, prayed to Heavenly 
father for the FIRST time in his life!  It was a Miracle to behold! 
Although he is very old, frail, and cannot absorb a lot of information 
at once, he knows that what church his son is a member of is the right 
one and is willing to follow his son with whatever he does. He has seen 
Michaels kids grow up in the gospel and the difference the gospel has 
made for them and is now FINALLY READY TO follow!
We gave Kong Kong two sheets of paper, one with a picture of the Godhead 
on it, and the other one the three steps of prayer. Michael Ang said 
that Kong Kong placed them on his dresser and when they went out the 
next day, Kong Kong asked Michael if he needed to bring the sheets of 
paper! :)  Needless to say Kong Kong is very excited for our next 
appointment on Wednesday! (we will be bringing an Elder along who 
"miraculously" speaks the same dialect as Kong Kong :)
It meant a lot though to know that this particular member had felt the 
spirit when he was with us and recognized us as servants of God, so much 
that he trusted his father with us makes me feel like what I"m doing out 
here right.  and that I'm doing something right..
let's see... what else? other than, EVERYTHING hahah.
BEEN ANSWERED! She left for India today and has to be there for 10 days 
and then she will return to the new mam :) She will be here for a year 
and then she must go back to be married.
We met the mam last night too. AMAZING! Beautiful inside and out! Her 
name is Seema and her daughter is SanChita (means treasure). They were 
WONDERFUL.   She has already set up two appointments with us for this 
week, and wants to Learn More! The second appointment will be with her 
This could be the answer to our prayers and fasting :) God does hear our 
prayers. I know that. And will ALWAYS answer in HIS Time and in his own way.
Other than that, well, things are GREAT! I LOVE what I"m doing.  The 
mission, The Gospel. The Atonement of Christ has changed me forever and 
I can never go back to the way I was.  I am so full of Gratitude for my 
Savior, And for the sacrifice my heavenly father made in sending him to 
this Earth.
Love you All!
Aku Sayau Kenuan!
Love Sister Blauer :)

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