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Monday, September 16, 2013

Sept 16,2013

Hello everyone!
How are you all?  I hope splendid!
This week has been wonderful! Super hectic and a bit overwhelming, but 
good!   Sister Tehrani and I were pretty swamped this week with an array 
of things. Also got to pick up the new batch of 25 missionaries (biggest 
batch ever) from the airport! soooo cooooll! Only 4 were sisters, so 
sad! haha.... but It was really fun to see their anxious faces and body 
gestures and simple simple Malay.
ah... deja vu ! I was there a year ago feeling the same way!   crazy 
crazy how time flies.  All of the new missionaries are so good though! 
So impressed by all of them and so many 18 year olds! haha weird.
they're righteousness and excitement is just beaming from them though! 
It was wonderful to witness:)
So a couple miracles happened this week.
1st, we went to Rachel Ang's farewell on Saturday (coming to Ogden, Ut)  
We met a couple of her friends and gave them a Book of Mormon-very 
interested! Rachel had never shared with them what she was doing on her 
mission or even that she was LDS, so they were very keen on knowing what 
their best friend would be doing for a year and a half lol.
Afterwards we were walking trying to find a bus, taxi, anything!  We 
were with brother Philip (60 yr old RC convert) and he was in a lot of 
pain walking, we finally grouped together and said a prayer. IMMEDIATELY 
after we closed our prayer, a taxi came :)  him and brother Francis and 
Michelle hopped in. They drove off, a few moments later, a taxi came for 
us :) haha.
God is so aware of us, all we have to do is talk to him! :)
Another MIRACLE! Last night Sister Tehrani and I decided to go L.A. 
hunting. After we finished praying and started walking towards the MRT 
to go to the L.A.'s home. I got a strong impression to visit one of our 
former investigators (Cejay-member referral-his family Roman 
Catholic-his family not as interested and we barely know them. Cejay 
used to come to church every week by himself. 15 yr. old boy), 
immediately I just said, "We need to go visit Cejay"  Sister Tehrani 
Agreed and told me to follow the prompting.  I could NOT remember which 
block number he was, lol, but just followed the spirit in where to go 
and got it right the first time! ha.
Went up and knocked on the door his dad opened the door and with a big 
smile, LET US COME IN! (first time), his dad was super nice to us. 
Finally Cejay came out quite surprised lol.  We sat and talked with him 
for a while and he said the reason he just stopped coming to church and 
meeting with us was because he was going through a lot of confusion.
So that's why he avoided us.
This all occurred right after he received his answer about Joseph Smith  
and Thomas S. Monson being real prophets of God.
We read Moroni 10:3-5 (he remembered reading it a long time ago) we 
reminded him that Satan knew he had found truth and was working extra 
hard on him.
He asked what he should do so he wouldn't be confused anymore.
We told him to come back to church, read the Book of Mormon, and meet 
with us.
And even though he has examinations to study for he said, Okay, I'll 
come back. He agreed to meet with us this Wednesday:)
After that, he invited the whole family in and we all said a kneeling 
prayer together! :)  The spirit was undeniable to Sister Tehrani and I, 
and we pray that they felt it as well :)
Well folks, I think that's about it for the week! For the next couple 
weeks we'll be going on splits with sisters in Singapore and then next 
month we will be going to Kuala Lampur for a few days to go on splits 
with the three sets of sisters we got over there.
I know this is the True Church on the Earth Today. I know it is lead by 
our Living Christ. I know Thomas S. Monson is a Prophet of God and a 
chosen servant to guide the world in the way of Righteousness in these 
Latter-days before the coming of the Messiah.  I know the Book of Mormon 
to be the Word Of God and to Contain the fulness of the Gospel.  This is 
my testimony I leave in the Name of Jesus Christ.

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