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Monday, September 9, 2013

Another Letter

Hello all!
How art thou? good I hope:)
Things here are quite well! Our area is currently at a loss of 
investigators though, so we've been doing a lot of tracting and less 
active hunting which has been really good! It is teaching me the value 
of what the pioneers went though. WALKING A LOT! lol. Hopefully things 
will start picking up soon though.
We just got transfer news today. I actually got a call from President 
Mains this morning.  He called and told me that I would become one of 
the new Traveling Leadership Sisters.  Not quite sure on the title of it 
exactly.  The nickname is the "Assister". So I will be staying here in 
Ang mo kio, Singapore, and will be getting a new companion, Sister 
Tehrani (my buddy from the MTC). Basically what we will be doing is 
traveling around Singapore and West Malaysia.  We will travel for about 
half the week going on splits with other Sisters helping them in their 
areas and see how they're doing, do training and stuff like that?  Still 
not too sure! haha... We have MLC on Wednesday, so I guess I'll find out 
then. We won't be able to spend a ton of time in our area so 
fortunately, Elders just got called to the AMK ward and it will be 
split, so the work will continue to Flourish! :D
My sweet sister Hawea is LEAving me though! :(going back to Kuala 
Lampur! lol...  and she is training! So stoked for her.
She's going to be AMAZING! :)
Stellar Young man. His Blessing was Incredible too! He is the elect of 
the elect, and I am stoked to see his progression throughout his life.
Everything else is going GOOD! I am SO happy I'm staying in Singapore!! 
that's for sure haha.... ..
The ward is continuing strong, and hope it progresses onward!
With all my love, Sister Blauer

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