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Monday, August 5, 2013

August 5, 2013

Hai Keluargaku!! Apa Khabar?
Saya.. Kahabar Baaaaiiik! :) Sedikit perlahan di sini sekerang. tetapi 
saya Tahu Dengan Iman Saya Dalam Yesus Kristus. Kehendakan bapa Syurgawi 
akan terjadi!  dan itu adalah paling Penting! :)
MInta maaf lah! I miss speaking Malay! But I also LOVE speaking English 
at the same time :) I'm able to explain myself in a different way.  And 
I like that also. Either way though, if I'm teaching by the spirit and 
testifying what God needs me to say at that moment, it's just as 
powerful in English or malay.
I love this mission and I love the people we teach! They have taught me 
so much!
I love my companion and all past Companions as well. I have grown so 
much (i hope) as an individual because of others. I have amazing 
examples around me and learn so much from each.
The work here is slowing down a bit. The lord is giving us some 
challenges all of which shall be overcome if we put our trust in him. 
Alma 36:3 and 27
I know there are many people out there that are ready to be found.  Just 
need to work hard and love the work, follow God's Commandments, and have 
Faith like the Brother of Jared and it will continue to progress! 
Nothing is Going to Stop this work!
Philip is Well! Getting closer to his baptism! So that's good.
Sathees and Kohila are good also! Hopefully make it for their date. They 
are hard to meet with because of their odd Singapore school schedules 
(they work them to the bone here).
And we visited Rajni's mam (employer) yesterday. We introduced ourselves 
and hopefully she feels more comfortable about us teaching her now and 
hopefully now she will give her a day to be baptized!
Our Less active Paul is stronger than ever! Has been back for almost two 
months straight and knows the right thing to do and just does it! he's 
I Love God.  I want to be with him again and I am prepared to make any 
sacrifice or take on any challenge head on to make it there.
This Is the True and Everlasting Doctrine and Gospel of the worlds 
Savior, Jesus Chist.
Love you all.
Sister Blauer!

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