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Monday, August 26, 2013

August 26th, 2013

Hello family! How are you all?
I hope you all are well and happy and living the gospel the best you can.
We never know what God has planned for us or how much time he will give 
us we need to make sure we are always prepared, ready to meet God again.
An Elder in our mission just got back to Sarawak East Malaysia from zone 
conference in Singapore and was riding his bike. He got hit. He broke 
his femur, shoulder, many other body parts and has severe brain damage. 
He slipped into a comma.  The whole mission fasted for him yesterday.  
Just this morning we received news that he has passed away.
Please everyone, keep his family in your prayers (Elder Wiberg from Roy) 
as well as his companion who is severely traumatized (Elder Hershey from 
Their families could use a lot of prayers right now.
He was a really good elder though. I've only heard wonderful things 
about him.  He definitely was doing what the Lord wanted of him.
Everything else here is going pretty good. Spirits are quite a bit down 
right now but the work is slowly moving forward.  Sister Hawea and I 
have been praying and fasting to find a family because we teach no 
families essentially. lol. So in time the Lord shall bless us with that 
family to teach. In the meantime we will give ourselves fully to the 
work  and see the Lord continually work miracles amongst the people here.
Hey guess what? I finally met my long lost cousin Elder Paul! lol.
We had zone conference last week (all of Singapore  and West Malaysia 
only). This elder comes up to me and says hi! He looks at my name badge 
(Sister Blauer!). I was like oh, hi (I looked at his name badge) Elder 
Paul! Wait, Elder Paul? You're my cousin! :D. He's like uhhhhhhhh what? 
  haha.  I'm like ya! You and I have the same Aunty! Aunty Nena! :D.  
hahaha. He said wait, you're my cousin that's in this mission?  It was 
super funny! Super awesome too! He whipped out a picture of Aunt Nena 
too it was pretty cool!
So yea, it's super exciting to have family in the mission now :)
We also have this really awesome class that our 2nd counselor was 
inspired to do! It's called School of the Converts. Every week we gather 
together for an hour and read from the Book of Mormon. All recent 
converts and less actives coming back. It's a huge strength to all of 
them!  I have a sure testimony of the Book of Mormon and the power it 
holds within.
All of our investigators, recent converts, and most less actives are 
doing pretty well! They each have their individual challenges but they 
are pressing forward and looking to the savior in all things.  There is 
certainly no other way. No other way by which we can have true 
everlasting happiness.
I love you all immensely! Thank you for being such a huge support to me 
and all missionaries serving right now! We can feel your strength and 
are doing our best to make your sacrifices worth our serving.
All my Love,
Sister Blauer
I am Disciple of Jesus Christ.  I fear NO Man.
Picture is of Sister Blauer and Elder Paul

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