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Tuesday, August 20, 2013

August 19, 2013

HELLO beautiful and wonderful family/friends! How art thou all? Swell I 
Things here are continually doing well.
We had Philips baptism today :D   It was the most spiritual baptism I 
have ever had. An elder from the mission sang Amazing Grace for him also 
(his favorite song). He was smiling the whole way through and clapping 
his hands together!
The Cutest! (watery eyes) lol.
It gave me so much hope to know that anyone can change. No matter how 
far off you have gone.  And it's all through the infinite atonement that 
Jesus Christ performed for us.
After that, Brother Philip gave his testimony. The night before, he was 
admitted into the hospital for chest pains and difficulty breathing (he 
had a stroke a few years back). He got released from the hospital at 3 
a.m. the day of his baptism and couldn't sleep the rest of the day and 
came to his baptism looking physically exhausted! But he pressed forward 
determined not to miss his Baptism Day! He is a mighty example to all of 
us! Of humility, diligence, and faith in our Savior Christ.
He's an amazing man and eventually his children, grandchildren and even 
wife will all learn and hopefully accept!
Everything else is going good and better! Had a few new faces at church 
so that was exciting. Colin is on fire! In two weeks he had finished up 
to the Book of Ether, that was amongst reading everything else haaha/. 
Ensigns and study manuals. That kid is legitimate! Although he lets 
logic determine a lot of what he will believe, his faith is growing and 
he's coming to recognize a lot more of his miracle chain of events and 
answers he has received!
The Work Is Going so well and I am Loving every moment (all except for 
the sad ones) which of course only means only great ones are ahead haha.
Love my Ward! Love my companion, love our investigators, love Singapore, 
I LOVE the WORK! I LOVE Jesus Christ :))
Love you ALL!
Press Forward Saints!
Love Sister Blauer! :D

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