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Monday, August 12, 2013

August 12, 2013

Oh my goodness:)  I LOVE  hearing from all of you! You uplift me so much 
  and just :) sigh. You're the best! That's all I have to say =)
I love you all immensely!
So basically, this week has been AWESOME! There were definitely ups and 
downs, but more ups than downs than the previous week!
1st up. Philip passed his baptismal interview! Wahoo. 60 year old man. 
So amazing! So adorable. So ready to be baptized this Saturday.  One 
problemo though, he hasn't gotten permission from his wife yet, and we 
just found out that he needs permission from her. So pray that she 
allows him to!
Other Up! Incredible outstanding new investigator!  One of the most 
legit I've ever met on my mi
This kids name is Collin. He's Singaporean Chinese. 25 years old.  He 
had a bunch of LDS friends when he lived in Hong Kong going to school. 
And he thinks very highly of them! (So he already has good associations 
with the church).
He called the mission office on his own and asked if he could come in. 
Then the elders met him and taught him the restoration. He is in our 
area so we did a pass off lesson, and taught restoration again. We 
extended a soft baptism commitment and he said Yes :) That would seem 
like the next step to take. haha. He always keeps the commitments we 
extend and more!
Very prepared! Educated, polite, hungry for knowledge. His first 
appointment he came in a white shirt and black pants. Everyone thought 
he was a member yesterday at church! lol.
He's committed to the 21st of September to be baptized, but we just 
heard him say that he wants to get baptized soon, so we will probably 
move that day up!
Now he's just realizing that he needs to get his family and girlfriend 
on board! His sister went to Salt Lake and Temple Square and loved it! 
(crazy right?) already have awesome connections with the church! 
Wahoooo. Sister Hawea and I are needless to say, pretty ridiculously 
stoked about this kid!
On a sadder note, Sathees and Kohila were going to be baptized this 
Saturday, but their parents say they have to wait two to three years 
because "they're kids and don't know" :( , so that's a big downer but 
they are continuing strong, and they know their miracle day will happen 
soon if they keep pressing forward and keeping the commandments!
Other awesome thing! Ever hear about Beyond 5? LDS boy band ?
They came to Singapore for their first tour in Asia and President Mains 
let us go! It was awesome! We were able to bring a recent convert and 
less active to it, and then to the devotional the next day. Pretty cool 
I'd have to say!
Other than all of that! Things are going Splendidly!  My companion has 
to go to Kuala Lampur for two days, so I'll be without a companion. . 
So, who am I going to ask to be my new companion?  Recent convert ANNIE 
OF COURSE! hahaha. She is so nervous and excited! lol. It's going to be 
a blast! Now that she has the Gift of the Holy Ghost, she talks much 
louder now! It's going to be so wonderful :) such a good missionary 
opportunity for her!
  I love you all a MILLION! Continue to press forward in the work of the 
Lord keeping the commandments of God, and build up the Kingdom of God:)  
Fortify your own wall! Alma 38!
Love always,
Sister Blauer :))

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