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Monday, July 8, 2013

July 8, 2013

HELLO EVERYONE! How art thou all?
Things here are going splendidly well!
I'm lovin my mission more than ever, and it's going super well! For all 
you future missionaries out there, I Love my mission, because I LOVE the 
people! That is what it's all about. Loving your Savior and knowing what 
he has done for you and wanting to share that with EVERYONE! That is 
what will make your mission.
ALSO! Rawas got baptized!  One of my investigators in Miri! :D ahhh so 
happy =)))) Another missionary will be sending me the picture and I 
shall pass it on:)  She's solid. It is so wonderful.
My poor companion has been sick the past couple of days so we haven't 
been out much, but we did go to this one appointment on Saturday night 
that was at the church (nearby to home)  with new investigators Candy 
And Eric.  They are STELLAR! They had met missionaries a while back and 
only recently just texted some missionaries and said hey we want to go 
to your church tomorrow can you meet us at the MRT station?  Can! 
They're newly weds of a year, she's Singaporean and he's from China. 
They're both just smiley smiley smiley all the time. So cute. They have 
been from church to church and are spiritually thirsty!
She had heard many things about the Mormon church before too when she 
lived in Australia, but  she figured she should find out for herself 
what it was all about.
After we shared the message of the Restoration, we asked, "do you think 
that could be possible? That Joseph Smith could be a Prophet of God?" 
She was like, " Well I'm not going to question God." ! ... lol.... She's 
AMAZING! While our members Nana and Kevin koh were explaining prayer to 
them, and that she needed to pray and ask God.  She did exactly that! 
lol.  She started praying right while he was asking. INCREDIBLE! She was 
so Happy!
We will be meeting with them again tomorrow!
As for the Hindi book of Mormon guy Roop. We have met with him four 
times since! He's stellar!.. ah... so prepared! It's mind blowing. So 
wonderful to witness.  The communication is hard but fortunately we have 
three Hindi speakers in the ward! more or less. understanders, can 
understand Hindi, but translating for them is more difficult.   So Roop 
was only here on holiday staying with his three other friends (currently 
attending university). So he had plans to go back on the 11th of July 
but now, HE"S STAYING! He said Sisters, I don't wanna go.  I want to 
stay here. My heart tells me I need to stay, but it depends on God. ( 
Sister hawea and I are thinking... OH MY MILO! :D..) haha so he applied 
for a workers visa last week and he will find out today if he gets to 
stay in Singapore or not.  Hopefully he does too, because we have not 
yet found a branch or anything in Punjab yet.
So yeah! work is moving along. Sister Hawea and I feel super busy! We 
have so much to do it is flowing out of our ears!  But We LOVE IT! The 
Lord has blessed us with so much work to do in this area It is marvelous.
I know this work is the Lord's work and I am only an instrument.  But oh 
how glad I am to be that instrument! An instrument with eyes to behold 
the miracles of everyday life on this beautiful earth God has prepared 
for us:))
Sister Blauer

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