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Tuesday, July 16, 2013

July 15, 2013

Hello!  How's it going? :D
Things here are progressing extraordinarily well! Loving EVERY second. 
I have been following my mothers example by every morning asking the Lord to place someone in our paths that needed our help and he always prepares. Of course.  (He's got a lot of work to get done and we need to be ready to accept!)
Stories GALORE about that!
But I will try and  just get a few main points in this email in the time I am allotted.
ANNIE IS GETTING BAPTIZED THIS SATURDAY!  20 July 2013. OHH YA! Been coming to the church for 6 years already, and we get to witness this miracle! We are Ecstatic! for her of course.
The program was printed last week, invitations have been sent out and she has already passed her interview. The church is going to be packed this Saturday, that's for sure!
Annie is one of the most wonderful people I have ever met.   She is one of those people you just love instantly.  She is so kind, and Gentle, and loving, and humble and selfless, and righteous.  Definitely a valiant daughter of God.   She is an example to everybody. She is Extraordinary. :) 
SO some other highlights for the week.
Henry Chan (less active) has been inactive for probably a lot of  years, we're still not even sure cause neither is he.  He has forgotten so much its so sad but he is so willing to relearn again! He is so wonderful and so laughable. His two sons are married in the temple and live in America, and his wife is in Taiwan right now doing temple work.  So this man is destined to come back to the church again. It was definitely no coincidence that we got a chance to meet up with him again. His whole family has probably been praying for him in the temple a lot. The Blessings of the Gospel!  :)
Sathees and Kohila (our 12 and 14 year old investigators). ADORABLE! Kohila always feels the spirit so strong and knows it is all true! She is incredible!  Sathees knows it's true, but it takes him a little bit longer, but you can really tell that he looks to his little sisters example a lot! She will be there with a huge smile on her face, all lit about whatever she is saying (usually how she is feeling the spirit) and he just looks at her and smiles :) lol.  She is full of questions and he usually just patiently listens and absorbs it.  Their mom, hopefully will understand the more that our Tamil speaking members come and help to translate. The mom is wonderful also and just wants her kids to learn about Jesus Christ and become good people. Incredible mom.
Sumit (one of Roops friends) whom is most interested in learning. We had only taught a short lesson to him once and he's already come to church the past two weeks! He's stellar and his English is pretty good too, so it makes the understanding part a lot easier! lol. He's had a lot of experiences that have got him to this point. He said that when he was younger he use to always draw crosses everywhere and carve them into coins (he's Hindu) and his mother would say, what is this?  Why are you drawing it? and he himself had no idea.  So he asked, what does this cross mean?  We of course explained!  He also had a dream the other night that he was sitting at the church.  He said, Sundays are fixed! I always come to church now, it's fixed.  lol. He lives in a hostel, so church is a place of refuge for him.
Candy and Eric! New awesome investigators! Newlyweds of about a year.  So adorable and so prepared! Already met with them about three times.  They hadn't been reading the Book of Mormon everyday and Eric wanted to read the gospel principles book instead first because he understood it better (he is from China and still learning English). So that night we read from 3 Nephi 11 all together and got them really excited about the Book of Mormon! They said, k we are definitely going to read this every night together! YAY! :D They're incredible.
So that's pretty much the updates from over here! I'm loving every moment including the ups and downs.  The downs make you appreciate the ups a lot!
Saya tahu gereja ini adalah benar. Dan saya tak pernah menjaukan diri dari kebenaran ini. .. Saya Menyayangi Injil dengan Hati Penuh saya. ... Saya Menyayangi Juruselamat saya Yesus Kristus.. Melebihi dari pada apa apa lain. ..
INi adalah Gereja dan injil genapnya.
Dengan kasih,
Sister Blauer

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