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Monday, July 1, 2013

July 1, 2013


As my dad would say, "What's Shakin?" haha. 
It is uber hot there? How do you survive? lol.
You wouldn't survive here! It's crazy humid. But I Love it  I know you think I'm psychotic. I don't think I'll be able to endure the cold there! I'm scared out of my mind to return in the dead of winter!

Ahh! I LOVE THIS GOSPEL!  The ever flowing medicine for REAL JOY!

I feel  so happy! Being able to see it change the lives of others.  No exceptions.  It is for all who are willing to partake.

This week has been miraculous.   I'm constantly blown away.  The Lord is so merciful. He is the master of this work. He is in charge and knows exactly what he is doing.  All we must do it trust and act.

About two weeks ago ish? week and a half,  I was on the MRT (like trax, or subway).  I looked over to my right and saw a man standing there (20's - Indian)  looking somewhat sad.  I started talking to him and communication was difficult.  He is from Punjab India (where Rajni is from!)   But miraculously we had one Hindi Book of Mormon from our house, and I had it in my bag (non coincidental of course).  Most Punjabi's understand Hindi and he of course wanted it! He thanked me so graciously. He was a humble man and shortly after that he got off the MRT.

A couple days later, I accidentally sent a text to him in Tamil that I meant to send to another referral. He texted back and said this.

"Sisters plz tell me in English, I read Mormon, its so gud, its true, i feel so happy happy, I feel so change in my life.
I highly thankful to u..
u gave me Mormon book."

Best thing ever you can witness as a missionary!
Two days later we met with him! Communication was difficult again but it went amazingly. Miraculous! We met with him again yesterday and brought Sister Rani who understands Hindi. The man (Roope) brought two other friends! All Wanting to learn!  Because they all know little about Jesus Christ, we watched finding faith in Christ in Hindi. The Spirit was so strong! We are meeting them again Wednesday!  Missionary work is the Best!

This week sister Hawea and I gave out 19 copies of the Book of Mormon! Would've given out more to Roopes friends but we ran out of Hindi copies! Rats. 

I LOVE IT HERE! I LOVE BEING ON THE LORDS ERRAND! I will continue to be a missionary throughout my life!
The work is true! The Gospel  is pure and in the fullness, everlasting.

Love you all!

Sister Blauer

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