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Tuesday, June 25, 2013

June 24

Hello Familia dan kawan kawan! (mixed language!) Apa Khabar? Ne ho ma? .
Nama Berita?
So ya! Huge haze problem here. There was some illegal burning over in
Indonesia and we're right next to Indonesia so it's all drifted over to
here. a lot of people are wearing like surgery type masks. haha, it's
getting better now but ya... I felt like I was walking around in a
hospital or something because everyone had them on. The p.s.i. level got
up to like 300 plus. Fortunately it's getting better though. I wanted
to send a picture of me and my new companion with face masks on but this
computer place won't let me upload pictures :(
But everything here is going well. Love my new Companion, she's legit!
She has only been in the field 3 months, so it's super funny being
around her energy for the work. She is super loving and positive about
everything! She loves working hard and being obedient but still laughing
and having fun and stuff so it's awesome! Investigators are going good
for the most part. We put Javin on date for 10 august. He's so great
and Kohila and Sathees (12 and 14 yr old Indian kids) came to church
yesterday and loved it! Our ward is awesome at fellowship!

We taught a members kid a lesson who will be baptized next month and at
the end of the lesson we said, who would you like to give the closing
prayer Jordan? He said, can I say it again? Cause i need to get lots of
blessings. So cute! That's how we should ALL be! Jumping on the chance
to communicate with our Father in heaven. Giving thanks to him
constantly, and asking for those needed blessings that he is more than
ready to give us if we just humble ourselves before him and ask him.
Also super exciting! Two different people that I had talked to on the
MRT on different occasions are now BOTH meeting with the Filipino
sisters and coming to church! So it's a huge testimony to me of just
OPENING your mouth and not being scared to share what you know to be
true. Some people, are not yet ready and that's okay! but some are! And
you will never know unless you act!
Also! ANNIE IS GETTING BAPTIZED JULY 20th! She is so prepared! We
actually went and met her mother the other day and she loved us mwahaha.
It was great! Pretty much everyone in Singapore and their dog and cats
and birds will be there! It's super exciting! eeeek the day is approaching!
Other than that, things are going so well. I love serving in Singapore.
The people here are so prepared. They understand what faith really
means, which is action. Trusting in Christ that he truly can do anything.
I know this gospel is TRUE. The one and only true gospel on the earth.
I encourage you all to read the talk from general conference again. Be
not moved by Elaine S. Dalton. And while and after reading, evaluate
yourself and make changes accordingly. Do what you need to do to STAND
I say this in the name of the Savior of the World, Jesus Christ, Amen.
Love always,
Sister Blauer

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