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Monday, June 17, 2013

June 17, 2013

Hello all of my dearest ones! How are you?:D
Things here are amazing!  Just got transfer news! I'm staying in
But Sister Guzman is leaving me. :*(   super sad about that. She has
been such an amazing companion and friend to me. I love her so much and
we have become so close! So that's gonna be tough but, I'm super excited
for her. She is finally leaving Singapore after being here 6 months. She
is going to Kuala Lampur West Malaysia! She is going to LOVE IT!

My new companion is coming from Kuala Lampur. Just barely finished her
training. Her name is Sister Hawea (sp? )  She is from New Zealand lol.
Too funny.   Two Australians and now a New Zealander.  I hear she's
wonderful! Very excited to meet her.

Sister Guzman and I of course had a blast this week! Arm full of
miracles daily that cannot all be contained in this one email message
(haha I'm sounding like prophets in the Book of Mormon)

For starters, we gave out fourteen copies of the Book of Mormon!  We
have decided that this shortage of English copies of the book of Mormon
has been a huge blessing for the missionary work! Singapore is such a
melting pot of  people!  We now bring out like all languages! Chinese,
Tamil, Tagolog, Bermese, Bangali TONS! Just whatever the spirit prompts
that day and it's amazing to see the people we meet that day that need
it. ahhh the best :)

oh ya! Something super cool!
BAPTISM!! WAHOOOOOOOOOO! Amazing!  Everything went super well!
Especially David's baptism at the end.  INCREDIBLE!@@

CJ, one of our investigators that we've struggled with meeting because
he's like 15 years old and his parents don't want him spending too much
time at our church. They all came on Sunday! :O  Father, mother and
sister!  So we had a fathers day program going on so we hope they felt
the spirit there! ahh.. miracle:)  maybe now we can actually meet with
him more so that he can be baptized and then he will bring the rest of
his family in! :p

So miracles happen every moment!
I love serving the Lord here in this part of the world.  Love the
people, culture, His Work and Glory and just partaking and witnessing in
it all.  I love it.

So something I can share with you all is that, so often many of us as
members of the Church say we live the Gospel of Jesus Christ.   But yet
so many of us are trudging from day to day looking for that happiness
that we can't find.   If we are really truly living the way God has
asked us to live, it should not be like that!

Sure we all have our ups and downs in life, but that's life! So long as
we become better people through those trials through leaning on the
Savior and trusting that he can help you rather than doing it on your
own.  Your life will be so much more joyful.
I testify this in the name of Jesus Christ

I love you all! Tetap Kuat. Berdiri Teguh!
Love always,
Sister Blauer
p.s. .. I'm also learning some chinese! :P

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