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Tuesday, June 11, 2013

June 10

Well things here are........... ya guessed it! Pretty stellar haha
I know that I say that on a weekly basis but, it's because it really is! Reguardless of if we have ups or downs in life, it is OUR CHOICE to be happy.
I recognize the blessings that have come from serving this mission so often. So I have every reason to be happy!
This week in a nut shell! President Mains has asked us to place one copy of the Book of Mormon everyday and for a while, I'll be honest, we were STRUGGLING! No one seemed to want one . Then SIster Guzman and I decided to make some changes with how we approached people (boldness) and to put more trust in the Lord and to really pray asking specifically to accomplish the task. This week we gave out 13 copies of the Book of Mormon! It was Incredible! The Lord Definitely answered our prayers because of our diligence and righteous desires!
This Saturday we have  baptism!  His name is David and he is a  50 year old Chinese man. So great and so ready for baptism! The whole ward is pretty excited. This is the second baptism in the ward for this year, so it's great!
Zone Conference was great as well. I learned tons of things. So spiritually uplifting!
We met a kid on the bus the other night. Amazing! He was like, "oh are you missionaries?"  "Do you teach like the Gospel of Jesus Christ or something?  What does the gospel mean anyway?  I've always wanted to meet Christian missionaries.  I think God knew that so he helped me to meet you."    - - - - - - - - - - - - (Sister Blauer and Sister Guzmans mouth wider than the grand canyon at this point) - - - - - - - - "I always tried learning from my Christian friends but they weren't too helpful."
Anywho! we gave him a Book of Mormon and a Plan of Salvation pamphlet and we are meeting him lusa (wednesday). So stoked out of our minds! Can you tell? :)  haha..
Paul,  less active we have been working with finally came to church,.. so that was super great!
ummmmm I dunno folks .. unexplainable miracles happen daily. So it's hard to explain them all, hence, the unexplainble:)
But the work is moving forward! and I am loving it!
My companion is the Best! seriously, we're like two peas in  pod, it's a blast!  She's already been in Singapore 6 months though, so I pray she doesnt leave me at transfers in two weeks!
Here are a couple of random goofy quotes I made up while talking with my companion :p
- "I want to be a Disciple of Christ, not a Robot of Christ."
-"The Gospel is so deep! It's like Mary poppins magical bag of Tricks! You can keep pulling stuff out (learning new things) it never has an end!
I know this Gospel is infinite and TRUE. It is perfect and it is ETERNAL. Being without end from eternity to eternity.  I know that Jesus Is Our Christ.  He is the Savior, redeemer, Juruselamat, Penebus DUNIA.  I love him with all I am, know, and have.  I will Praise him and give thanks to him, and strive to be like him forever.
I love you all! Love SIster Blauer!
I encourage you all to read  a talk from the April 2013 ensign called.. -choosing the better part
here's a cool quote my  companion said to me this morning about sin.
A little blue flower-
It didn't belong in my garden.
But it looked so appealing,
Smelled so sweet.
What could it hurt to leave it?
Pretty blue bells,
Deep green leaves
On dainty, curling stems
That slowly, silently
Choked the life out of my

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