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Saturday, June 1, 2013

June 1

June 1, 2013


Things here are going splendidly! Time is moving by incredibly fast, 
like always :(
This week was filled with lots of awesome and crazy things!
First of which, my companion had to leave me for the day to go to 
Indonesia, so that was depressing! haha. But on the other end it was 
super great! Because one of our ward missionaries, Sister Jing (from the 
Philippines) has always wanted to go on a mission but ended up getting 
So I asked her to be my companion for the day! So we got special 
permission for her to come over to our condo and do studies with me and 
then do a full day of appointments and proselyting, it was a blast! She 
loved the missionary experience. So cute!
Throughout the day her husband would call her and she'd be like. I can't 
talk right now sweetie, I'm a missionary! no boys allowed and she would 
hang up. She was so focused on the work that day and being a real 
missionary, it was a blast! lol.

We also have a new neighbor who we just met that is from Pakistan and 
speaks Hindi! Our investigator that speaks Punjabi and Hindi, Rajni, 
has been needing a translator for like six months and so our neighbor 
was so kind and willingly followed us to a lesson! :) we were able to 
find out a lot of things about Rajni and about her understanding of the 
gospel and everything, so that was good!

Annie moved her date up to July 20th! So that's a miracle in itself!

David gets baptized in two weeks! He is so strong and so ready. 
Testimony is incredible. Our last lesson we talk about baptism and 
confirmation and all sat around the baptismal font. He was crying in 
his prayer (first time I've ever seen him cry). He said how he just felt 
the spirit so strong. Amazing!

Rose (Filipino helper) after having like 5 bad employers she finally met 
Jane and Michael Villlas! (Filipino also) who were inactive members at 
the time. from our church! Not a coincidence, and now they are 
reactivated and on fire, and now Rose is stronger than ever and so ready 
for baptism!.. ah.. :) miracles everyday :)
And watching her in tears when we meet with her because she is so happy! 
I've been a member my entire life, so I have always known about the plan 
of salvation but I try putting myself in her shoes and think, yeah, I 
would be in tears too if I had just learned about the purpose of life 
and that I had a purpose. It was beautiful.

So other than that! Things are wonderful. We've got zone conference this 
week, so all of west Malaysia will be flying in, and interviews with 
President! The Best!

Today for Preparation day, Sister Guzman and I are going to Sentosa 
beach! I shall try and send pictures next week! As for this week, I 
don't have many good pictures except for the chicken curry sister Guzman 
and I made that we are so proud of.

Anyway, I love you all! I leave you my testimony that this is the true 
church on the earth today and was restored by the Prophet Joseph Smith. 
Jesus Christ is the Savior and Redeemer of the world and this is his 
everlasting gospel.

I encourage you all to see the Jeffrey R. Holland Conference talk that 
was given in April. Lord, I believe.

Everyday we should be preparing for eternal life. If we are not 
preparing for eternal life, we are preparing for something else.

Sister Blauer

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