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Monday, May 6, 2013

May 5

Hello all of my Beautiful and Wonderful people! (In Moms Words) hehe
love you moms. HOW ARE YOU?

So! I just got word from the zone leaders that I am ACTUALLY
transferring! Crazy right? I never thought that would ever happen!
haha.. I thought I'd be in Miri forever.
I'm going to Singapore! I got called to the Singapore Mission and I
actually get to serve there!
I am going to so deeply miss Miri, Malaysia though. The People. My
sister Haslett. The other sisters. All of our investigators. All of the
ward members! ugh Leaving my first area of 8 months is going to be
tough. But I will go where ever the Lord needs me to go! With a smile
upon my face and in my heart! =) I am here to do his Will.

Okay, so you all want details on our incredible investigators, so here goes!

Andrew and Christina's family are AWESOME! They've come to church every
week except for yesterday, because it was elections yesterday and
everyone has to return to kampung (village) to vote. But they're still
amazingly strong and progressing and loving everything that we teach
them! They say, "sisters come back teach teach teach. We need to keep
learning." Ahhhh they're so amazing and wonderful. I am going to miss
them so much.
They're getting baptized next month!

So I had a feeling we should contact the rest of that building where
Andrew and Christina were, but I forgot to tell Sister Haslett. Then
later that week we were talking to a member and her brother said that he
lived right above there, I was like Sweet! all the more reason to
contact the rest of that building now =) So we knocked on doors and
the first green one didn't and the next house didn't want, and the next
house was Wan, and Lily and Sim. So we went back and thought to knock
the green door again. She said that no Steven lived there but she
welcomed us in right on the spot! Turns out she had seen us going to
Andrews house and had wondered what we were doing here and someone told
her that we taught of God and she thought to herself. When they come
over again I'm going to ask them to come and talk to me. MUJAN IS
STELLAR! Probably even more so progressing than Andrews family if that
is even possible? haha. We may move up her baptismal date to the end of
this month! (here you have to schedule way far in advance) so that's
amazing. And now her husband is learning too!
I honestly, am so full of joy. I wouldn't want to leave this area any
other way. It's perfect.

Norlia and Matthew's family finally came to church! ahhh SOOO happy!
After working with them for 2-3 months they FINALLY came. So happy=)
They were greeted with open arms! I hope that Brother Matthew finds
work not in Brunei, because it makes it so hard for their family to go.
Now Richie Robbieken and Romeroz should all be getting baptized this
month! I Am so so happpy! =)))))))))))))) Can you tell? haha. After
being here 8 months and finally seeing some of the fruits of our labors
is pretty fulfilling.

So other than that. I challenge you all right now. to find these
less/inactive people and bring them back! That is our job, duty, and
beautiful calling as saints in this Gospel to bring those into the fold.
Both new and Lost. I know if you do you will be so filled! So amazing
and so worth it!

I love you all immensely and hope all is well with you. The Gospel of
Jesus Christ is True. Sejati. God Speed.
Love Sister Blauer!

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