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Wednesday, May 22, 2013

May 20

HI family! HOW ARE YOU?
good? good. .splendid!.. marvelous=))

Things here are going SO well!
My Companion Sister Guzman is the best! We're having a blast together
doing the work of the lord!
So many miracles everyday! I just recently found out why! The Ang MO kio
ward did a ward fast like about month or two ago ish.
and ever since then, this ward has just had Incredible success! The
hearts of people have been softened so much! I can just see it with all
those we meet. it's crazy!
Another witness to me of the power of Fasting and prayer!
So incredible.

So we have had multiple miracles everyday, but I'll start with one that
happened last night!

Well, maybe I'll start with this. The area Asia Presidency just asked
all the missions in Asia to change their focus. 50 percent investigators
and 50 percent Less/inactive.
That changes missionary work for us a ton!
I was already doing a lot of less active work in Miri, but this is a
little bit different now.
So we've prayed last night about trying to find less actives or
contacting some potential investigators that previous missionaries had
found in the area. We felt good about both! So we were like, hmm okay
well guess we'll go contanct some of those potential investigators cause
of time and it's getting kind of late.

We went to a house where the man had served a mission, but he went
inactive years ago and now he's living with his wife who's not a member
and they have two kids. We thought wow! no wonder we felt good about
both answers! He was one the potential investigator list (for his wife)
and he's an inactive! crazy! so normally here in Singapore people don't
just let you in on first contact and rarely do you meet at their homes.
We went to the door which was wide open and we're like, hello is (mans
name) there? He's like well hello! yes, that's me (in british accent
lol) come on in! would you like a drink? Some ice cream? We're like,..
:o ..(mouth gaping) uh. SURE! haha. So we went in and talked with em
for about 30 minutes. Incredible Family! So ready for the gospel again!
(him) and wife so ready to hear it anew! She'd actually been reading the
Book of Mormon for the first time that past week.
So the husband was like asking all of these crazy amazing questions!
like. So deep, but so easy to answer! He was so confused, and had
forgotten so much!

He was just like ya, I don't know anymore :( And to think he served a
mission and everything! Goes to show we really truly need to stay on the
straight and narrow path, otherwise we really will forget! We must
Continue doing all of the little things like prayer, scripture study,
church! Even though they are such simple answers. if we don't do them,
look at what happens!
We're like well, you think we could come back some time and help answer
those questions for you? help you remember? (a little nervous of his
he thinks about it a moment "ya! I'd love that. I think that would be
really good actually. " Come by this Saturday.

........ :O ... Such a miracle! I am SO amazed! I LOVE BEING A MISSIONARY!
I am so glad I made the choice to come out and serve! I wouldn't want to
be anywhere else for these 18 months of my life. I know this is exactly
where I'm supposed to be.
I love all of my Brothers and Sisters here on earth.
I love this Gospel!
LOVE Sister Blauer

I am the Determiner of my fate/faith, the Captain of my Soul.

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