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Monday, May 13, 2013

May 13

OH My Goodness! Where has the time Gone? I can't believe I'm not In Miri, Sarawak anymore. Welcome to Singapore Sister Blauer! Ee weird!! haha. I Love Singapore though! Wow.. like... COMPLETELY DIFFERENT!
It's Clean! and people speak English.  I don't know if I like that part so much. Can't practice my Malay as much.  So we've got Chinese here, Indian, Filipino, Muslim(malay), Bangladesh. EVERYTHING!  Just a Huge ol melting pot! I am in culture shock all over again!  I often find myself believing I truly am an Asian too. I'll see a white person and think, what are you doing here? Where did you come from? weird. haha..

My new ward, yes WARD! not branch, haha. is incredible. ANG MONG KIO-means white person and they're all Chinese and Indian though haha... strongest missionary ward in like the ENTIRE MISSION! We had 11 investigators and church yesterday and just ALL STRONG. I am blown away by how ready the people here in Singapore are!
My new Companion. LEGIT!  She is from Brooklyn, well, used to be till she moved a little further north to Middletown. Really cool thing about her family, her dad is a 9/11 survivor! There is a Mormon message on him called finding hope!  she's in it too.    He's also under victor guzman  for I'm a mormon.

She's an amazing missionary and we we along crazy well! Like Tons of the same things and have similar personalities, so it's awesome!

MIRACLES HAPPEN HERE EVERYDAY!!! NOT EVEN KIDDING! I'm like, Sister Guzman, is it always like this here? she's like,... ummmmm no. hahah.. so I don't know what's going on but I'm loving it!

Before I left Miri, Andrew and Christina and little grace came to the Airport to see me off!  Mujan would have followed but couldn't fit on the moto bike with them lol.  ah!.... SUCH incredible people!.. I love and miss them SO much already!!
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Love Sister Blauer

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