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Tuesday, April 9, 2013

April 8, 2013

HELLO All of my Beautiful and Wonderful People! (As my mom would put it ;)
... :) .................. I love being a missionary :)  Sigh... the 
BEST.  I'm so truly grateful I was healthy enough and had the ability 
and opportunity of coming on this mission. I NEED it.  It has grown my 
knowledge and my Testimony of the Savior leaps and bounds!  It has 
helped me become a stronger Daughter of my Lord and Is preparing me for 
the years of earthly experience I have ahead of me. It's helping me 
making my Armour a little stronger, and my sword and shield a lot brighter.
I know that the work I am doing is the work of the Lord and is true.  
Kebenaran PENUH.. Injil Kegenapan!
So I'll share an incredible experience we had yesterday! A member in the 
ward, Sister Rosia, said that she had a friend from work who is really 
struggling with her son because he has been sick for the past month.  
She wanted us to come and pray with her after Church.  Sister Rosia 
Showed us to the womans home (Lily), The son's name is Wan. Wan is about 
10.  He's gone to the clinic, but the doctors say that nothing is wrong 
with him, But CLEARLY the Huge swollen ball under his rib cage indicates 
otherwise.  We Didnt know what we could do to help, until we thought .. 
of course! PRIESTHOOD BLESSING! The Zone Leaders came soon after and 
administered unto the child.  When they came the father had just gotten 
home. He looked very sad and in deep thought (both of his parents were 
of course very concerned about him).
They entered, we prayed and they explained about the Priesthood 
Authority of God and how that same power that existed when Christ Lived 
on the earth exists again here today and how they have been given the 
authority to act in Gods name and to bless him if he had Faith In Jesus 
Christ.  The little boy said yes. They proceeded with a beautiful 
blessing.  After, we all looked up and the father was crying.
  The Elders left And we continued in teaching the Restoration. 
Throughout the entire time the spirit was SO STRONG! It was Incredible!
The Priesthood Power is Real and True and from God.  I know it. I've 
seen it, I've felt it, and I cannot deny that it is True and From God.
I love you all so much,.. And You are all always in my prayers!!
Love Always,
Sister Brooke Blauer

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