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Monday, April 22, 2013

April 22, 2013

Hello semua Suadara dan suadari! Apa Khabar Hari Ini? Bagus?  BAguuuuuus! :D

WOW! This week was. IN CRED IB LE!
Sister Haslett And I found this found, well, the Holy Ghost told us haha. But HONESTLY! GOLDEN! I have not met a family Like this on my mission ever! Sylvester family of course. But I didn't find them lol.  And Sister Bungan's family of course, but I didn't find them either. Sister Haslett and I found this family together with the Lord guiding us in every step!

So when we went to go and visit that little boy Wan there was someone who lived down below and just started talking to us. His name is Andrew and he was SUPER Happy and kind.  He even invited us in right there but we had to go up stairs for our other appointment.  We said we'd get his number and set up an appointment for later that week. He was stoked!   We gave him a restoration pamplet too.  So we called him later and he was so happy to hear from us.  We set up an appointment for that Saturday (two days ago). We called that Saturday right before the appointment to make sure we still could come. On the phone, right when we said who it was his voice cheered up again!  He's like, yes yes COME! At this point Sister Haslett and I were a little bit like? hmmmm.  No one is ever that excited to meet with us! That's a little weird.... haha. So we went on over and there he was waiting with his wife and little kid saying masuk masuk! (enter enter). So we entered and he was so prepared! He had his bibles ready and his restoration plan ready all smiles :D  (again, not normal here for first timers). He's like Sisters!  I finished reading the Restoration pamplet and I'm so sorry! I answered all of those questions that are in the back but I left my notebook at work! :( I really did answer all of them. Well, all the ones that are in the Bible.  I couldn't do these other ones though because I don't have this kitab (book) of Mormon?  Were like, DON"T WORRY! haha we'll get ya one! People, no one EVER answers the questions in the back of those books! Or atleast it's the first I've ever heard of haha... it was awesome! He and his wife were so prepared by the Lord and soaking in everything we talked about! They're said "Sisters, if we want to go to your church tomorrow, is that okay?"   We're like yes you CAN! haha. We said what will you do for transport?  They said, oh we'll just walk. :o  Oh my goodness, and he said about 6 years ago I was a heavy drinker but then I just hit that breaking point and want to turn my life to Christ now, so ya, I don't drink anymore.  (Word of Wisdom is a big problem here). Sister Haslett and I were like.. SCORE! They also said there are just so many different churches nowadays and it's all just so confusing.  So we just trying to follow God. We extended an invitation to be baptized, they said yes!

So next day comes around, (Sunday). Anxiously waiting. Keep in mind this is General Conference also. THEY CAME!  They loved it!  Christina was like, I like this Church a lot! can I see the baptisimal font also?  CAN! haha. After the first session the mom and the little girl went home cause the little girl was getting fussy, but the Dad, Andrew, came back again after the lunch break! :0 walked back again! I just never stop being amazed!  So anyway, we told President Ingkon about this family! (District President). He asked "Can I follow?" (he's an incredible teacher by the way and of course the branch president! We've never had him follow us ever before, but after we told him about this family he was dying to go and meet them). So that Sunday night (yesterday) we taught them again the plan of salvation! It was incredible!   Words cannot describe the joy I feel in my heart. I am just so overwhelmed with happiness.
I could cry.

So we wanted to give them a date for in the next 3 weeks or so, but he's going to work in bintulu for a few weeks so we set their date for June 8th. I hope I'm still here! Fingers Crossed!

So ya! Rawas is hopefully getting baptized this Saturday!  So excited for her! :)  one step closer to becoming an eternal family!

Also! Today we went to Niah Caves for a Preparation day activity. It was awesome! I so desperately want to send pictures but the computer place we're using today, not so grand! So I'll have to wait til next week probably.

I know this Gospel is TRUE! This is why we are all here! Do NOT forget our purpose here! 2 Nephi 2:6-8  As mom always used to say, many hands make light work! Let's all pitch in our part (being our best) and carry forth the Work of Our Lord.

Love you all!
Sister Blauer

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