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Monday, April 15, 2013

April 15

Helllooooo My beautiful family and friends!
Thank you so much for giving me the constant amazing strength and
support that you always do! It means more than texted words on computer
can describe!

So this week has been absolutely Splendid :)
We finally got to watch conference! Wahoo! Well, the first two sessions
at least. We watched the Saturday sessions yesterday at church, and then
next week we get to watch the Sunday sessions. I MUST HAVE PATIENCE! I
absolutely loved it all. I cant wait to hear more! I liked them all of
course, but one that particularly stood out to me was the talk that the
second counselor of the Young Women's Presidency gave. It was amazing.
Tied really well in with my personal study this morning in Moroni
Chapter 9 It's all just opened my eyes a lot wider to how cunning Satan
is. And how we must heed all the words and advice from Prophets of old
and Modern prophets. So critical. So crucial. We must. The bodies that
the Lord has given us are truly gifts and precious and sacred and
vessels of the Lord. I know that God Sincerely and genuinely loves us
all and he only wants to protect us and to help us gain that same state
of Joy and Glory that he himself possesses.

So everything else is Going pretty well here. Wan has been in the
hospital every time we set an appointment with them, so we've yet to be
able to teach them again unfortunately. But hopefully soon! The mom
wants us to come back it just hasn't worked out yet but it will.

Rawas disappeared to her Sister in laws Kampung for a week and a half,
but she's back now! yessss... And she's been strong! Has not drank or
smoked in a month! So proud of her! We rescheduled her baptismal date in
two weeks!

Everything Else here is going amazingly. Sister Haslett and I are
having a blast everyday and I'm learning so much from her! She is so
Intelligent and I learn new things from her everyday. She's funny too haha..

I love you All IMMENSELY!
Love Sister Blauer

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