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Monday, March 25, 2013

March 25

So, out of every missionary in Miri Malaysia, which is 12. I've been
here the longest ha ha. 6 and a half months. So when we get the call
this morning for transfer news I think ok, I'm for sure moving. But
ALAS! I'm staying in Miri yet again:) hahaha. And I shall be getting a
new companion. Sister Taylor is moving to Penang (West Malaysia) and
Sister Haslett from Penang is coming to be with me. So they're basically
just switching places. Sister Haslett my new comp (i'll meet on
Thursday) is from AUSTRALIA! hahaha.... I'm gettin all the aussies for
companions. Don't know much about her but I'm stoked to meet her and to
show her the ropes of Miri that I am oh so familiar with.

So this past weekend, Elder Gong of the Quorum of the Seventy came to
Miri for three days! SOOO cool! He only spent one day in all the other
areas of Malaysia and Singapore. We got lucky. and well, the Miri
branches need a lot of help and strength. And guess what? Out of all
of the missionaries he pulled out a handful to do an interview thing
with and he picked me! :D:D I was so stoked! I get to be in the same
room alone with a general authority! And I can ask him any question I
want................. AND I FORGOT MY QUESTION!.......................
who does that? ..... seriously? So pathetic haha. so depressing.. oh
yes!!.. and I couldn't even speak English! yes, My
interview went wonderfully with him :) siggghhhhhh.. :) but it really
was awesome! A huge privilege. It was so cool! So genuine and pure he
is! It's amazing to hear him speak!
So that was pretty awesome!

Brother Eching is getting baptized this Saturday. WOOT WOOT!!>. I'll
have to send lots of pictures to sister Taylor!
Also! One of our investigators Rawas has been investigating the church
since last year and she told us she doesn't want to get baptized until
August because she wants to celebrate hari gawa (iban drinking holiday)
and she wants to talk with her family first at kampung (her village)
when she goes to visit in them and we basically just shared the
importance with her of the Gift of the Holy Ghost and what a blessing it
is to have in our lives, to guide us to make right choices and to
testify of truth to ourselves and to help us when we testify to others.

We went and saw her a few days later and she's like, sisters, I don't
want to do bad anymore, I want to follow the Path of God, I need to be
baptized! Sister Taylor and I were like... okay, you can! haha... She
picked the soonest day she possibly could out of all of the options we
gave her. So she just needs to stop smoking her few cigarettes a day and
not drink anymore and she'll be set! We are so stoked for her! So
happy:) .... The Gospel is TRUE! It gives people the desire to change
in ways that nothing else can!
I love this Gospel And I am so blessed to have it in my life.


The Picture is Linda.. One of our investigators and her son jeffrey..
NAKAL!.. means naughty.. They call their kids naughty here haha

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