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Tuesday, March 12, 2013

March 11, 2013

Helloooo Beautifuls and wonderfuls! (moms words.
sOOOo  I lied! haha.. I'm emailing today instead of Wednesday. We 
convinced APs and President that we wouldn't have adequate time in 
Singapore to do emailing so they let us email today during our lunch 
time. :)
So Hows it goooooooiN' ? :D   I received Parkers valentine card  this 
week!!  bESt valentine EVERrr  !! lol... . I told my companion that I 
had an 8 year old boyfriend living next door to me in America and she 
was like.. whaaaaa?? .. So I showed her the card from parker and she had 
a good laugh... Thank you Parker!!!.. Miss ya bud!! Happy Valentines! :)
Oh GOOD!.. I'm so glad that everyone got their letters! Did Stacey's 
family also? .... Ah I feel so bad though because I didn't get to write 
all that I wanted to with as much detail as I would have liked! I wish 
we had more hours in the day! To preach the Gospel, and on mondays- to 
write you all more fabulous letters! Hopefully the pictures made up for 
it a bit though!=)
Sooo again! This week has been a whirlwind!. We ended up just switching 
entire areas with the Elders. Sooooo a complete white wash! lol. .... So 
it's been crazy cause I've already been here 6 months, and now I just 
changed moved down to the opposite end of Miri. So we basically teach 
from around where our house is, all the way to taman tunkku! pujut 
10-pujut 1 and corner, and taman tunkku.. Huge Area!.. But we're having 
a blast already!!..
There are a ton a ton of in actives that live around Pujut Corner, so it 
will definitely be a huge reactivating area! We we driving down the road 
the other day and I heard a little kid yell out,.. SISTER!!!! (in this 
area you always pull over for stuff like that). So we got talking and 
his name is Robbie age 12 and he said that his parents were members.. So 
we ran across the street with him and his brother to get to their house. 
.. Both his mom and dad were home. .. His dad works in Brunei, so it was 
awesome that we were able to catch him when he was  home! ... Apparently 
they were baptized back in 2002!!!.. Which isss.. LOOOONg for this area. 
.. Practically pioneers lol. ... They stopped going to church in 2005 
because they moved all around Sarawak and didn't know where any of the 
meeting places were and by the time they finally returned back to miri 
in 2008.. well,.. it'd been a long time and they had just gone 
completely in active!.... They know have 5 kids! all so adorable!!..And 
the oldest ones want to be baptized!... So we'll be seeing them again 
tonight.. SO excited!.. I hope and pray we can get this family to come back!
Also!... My mommy is going home this week...... :( ... (sister Burtis) 
She's my mom and I'm her daughter lol...... She goes back to Utah on 
So sad :(((
..... So I'm gonna miss her a lot!.......  Dad,.. can you make a copy of 
that cd I made and give it to her? she's gone without a camera the past 
6 months..... Hopefully there are some on there she can use?
Transfers are coming up in a few weeks annnnnnd I get the feeling I'll 
be staying in Miri another 6 weeks lol.. ..... I'm psychic. .. ! :) .. 
And well.. I just wanna stay here forever also! lol.
Other thannnn thAt! .. Things are going splendidly!!..
I love this Gospel.. And I know that there is no way that we can return 
to our God without the Merits and Mercy of his Son Jesus Christ. .. Let 
us all Prepare ourselves now, and not be at Ease in Zion!... We must be 
ready always! I love you all! I pray for you always for your health and 
safety and for your continued spiritual strength and growing.
Love.... untuk selama-lamanya!!!
Sister Blauer

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