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Tuesday, February 5, 2013

February 4, 2013

OH my goodness! I need to FOCUS! lol....  My time is almost gone for emailing because I keep looking at Barrett's pictures!

So how is my beautiful family? I love you all so much :)  I received letters from Jordy this week. THE BEST! Thank you so much Jordy =). The bracelet is BEAUTIFUL!  and I love the stickers and all the nicknacks inside. You're the bestest friend  Jordy. I love you sweetie:)
And I got a letter from my Bami also! Thank you so much! I love reading your letters Bami :) I miss you so much!  PS. Love the butterfly card. hehe

So this week has been AWESOME! We had new missionary training this week here in Miri.  President Mains and Sister mains came along with all the new training missionaries from across east Malaysia and came to Miri! It was really good to get some input on how I could help Sister Taylor and how I could be a better missionary. I was also able to interview with President Mains which was awesome! He is truly called of God.
That night we found out that President would be coming to our home the next day before their plane flight! (because we have a new house for sisters) .. haha.. WE WERE CLEANING LIKE MAD WOMEN from the moment we got home til it was time for sleep and then did it again during breakfast the next morning!  (it shouldn't be like that) were getting better.
But anyways, when him and Sister mains came, Sister Burtis was very very sick. So President Mains gave her a blessing! A wonderful blessing! it is always a huge blessing and a strengthening to my testimony to see the Priesthood in Action.

So All of our investigators are coming along very well! Six progressing! So awesome!
We teach these two college kids every Sunday after church, because they go to a really strict university that doesn't let them out of school bounds very often.  So two of them Matthew and Ramen are members from Bintulu and they have been bringing their friends Jonas and Noel to church! And we have been teaching them for the past 3 weeks! all have incredible stories!  Matthew brought his family to the church after he was baptized, they eventually got baptized and then he went inactive. And now he's trying to come back strong again so he can meet up with his family since they're planning on going to the temple soon! So incredible. They only get so many hours off campus and for those hours they choose to come to church! Those are some kids that really understand what is important in this life.

Linda is doing awesome also! Progressing like crazy!   We're teaching the plan of Salvation and she's like guessing ahead ! lol  We're like woa woa woa, slow down, LOL we haven't gotten there yet! haha...  And she's like well I've already read about all this stuff like you asked me! So i know! She's already prayed about the Plan of Salvation and she said that God answered her!  SO AMAZING! Her faith is growing stronger and stronger daily!

So I have a MIRACLE story to share with you all!  So last night they had a "10 day mourning" or something like that. (iban tradition) after the death of Albert. We have been worshiping with them many nights thus far. But this is like the last one for a while. They'll do a 100 day one again later. So they asked ME to give the TALK/SPIRITUAL THOUGHT!!!..... afkndif xc aowihe asfwihe idasjf j  :/  I was stressing out because I had no clue what to speak about and i had to figure it out within like five minutes!  And it had to come out of my mouth so everyone could understand my Malay :/ NO PRESSURE! lol. Just in front of a lot of people who's family member passed away. So I Prayed super super hard that the lord would send his Spirit down to me to speak what these people needed to hear and so that they would actually understand me! So i got up front and read Mosiah 3: 7- part of 9   I said words that I have NEVER used before! And I talked more fluidly than I ever have before and Everyone Understood me! And the spirit was SO STRONG! Afterwards, I sat down and said to Sister Taylor. Wow. The Spirit helped me out A LOT on that one!  She agreed with me and we were both like. WOW. 

I know that this church is true and that the lord is SO very aware of EVERY one of his children! Missionary or not! 

I love you all SO much!! TERUS KUAT!.. TIDAK PERNAH PUTUS ASA!!!!
Dengan kasih,
Sister Blauer :)

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