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Monday, February 18, 2013

February 18, 2013

Hello Semua keluarga dan Kawanku!
Things here in Miri, Malaysia are Stellar! I'm loving every minute of it 
=) ... And time is zooooming by! yeesh!
So this week we had transfers, big ones, and Sister Thompson joined us 
sisters here in Miri! (my sister from the MTC) so stoked. She is a 
threesome right now with sister Bishop and Sister Burtis, because Sister 
Burtis will be leaving in 1 month :(
I have also been here the longest in Miri compared to all the other 
missionaries here (excluding Sister Burtis). I've seen everyone move a 
gajillion times while i still am here lol. I feel my time is coming to 
an end here in Miri :( .. Pray that this isn't the case!
So everything else is still going well! Bicycle riding is awesome except 
my companion keeps falling off of hers lol, not funny. She just has her 
seat up so high, and she's so short that her toes can barely touch the 
ground! Silly silly girl. She's laughing at this while I'm writing it 
because it's SO true! She's silly. I keep lowering it down for her while 
she's not looking haha.
I also had a flat tire one night and so when going to fix it the next 
day all the shops were closed because of Chinese new year so I had to 
ride an old elders bike that was highly uncomfortable... lol. .. And I 
think that eating rice is really gettin to me cause I leaned back and I 
bent the whole seat and rod backwards! I broke it!!:O my. Anywho good 
times. We had our Malayu (muslim friends) take it back to their kampung 
(village) and they fixed it for us. good times - good times. I try 
sending picture but its not working right now :( But! Dad mom. You'll 
be happy to know that i finally uploaded all of my pictures on to a CD 
and i sent it off on Saturday :D It looked a little cracked though so I 
hope it survives. Sorry there is no letter in it. It wasn't p day so i 
couldn't write one but at least you'll have pictures from a lot of my 
stay here in Miri, but not all.
So we Got Wilson on date! So awesome! (Augustines brother).. And we gave 
him the Book of Mormon and we invited him to start reading from the 
beginning. He's like, I can finish this in 2 months easy! haha. We're 
like, Umm okay! haha can! So we saw him a few days later and he's 
already up to Mosiah! Ya.. He'll finish it within the next couple of 
weeks for sure. SO awesome!
Eching is continuing coming to church! he is awesome! We'll have to push 
back his date though again. He just isn't fluent in Malay, (in Iban 
only). So we're just taking it a little slower so that he can 
understand everything. But he is Awesome! His desire is so strong! And 
he said that he has already given up drinking! SO amazing:))) eee gagah 
hati!!.. happy heart.
Sooo ya! That was pretty much my week in a nut shell! Oh, and I just 
found out that i grind my teeth? Sister Burtis said she's heard my 
twice already in the night. :( NOT good!!!!... ugh.
Oh! and I love you all :) Thank you for all of your support and love. I 
could Not do it without you all!
Love you forever and always,
Sister Brookie Blauer
Helaman 13:18-20 ..... Something I've been studying about for a 
while.... What kind of treasures are you hiding up? and where are you 
putting them? ..
p.s.!!!... we found a snake a big one! FINALLY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And 
I picked it up and took oodles of pictures!!!! ... wahooooo!.. then 
these people took it from us.. and were like.. hey!.. Us white people 
found that ular!.... pssshh.. :) .... haha apparently it's the year of 
the Snake though, so i guess they need the luck? ...:)

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