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Monday, February 11, 2013

February 11, 2013

Hello my beautiful and wonderful family!!!!!!!!

How are you all?
Things over on this side of the world are great!  Still hot and sticky and rainy, but AWESOME! I am So blessed to be here and I'm trying not to let another moment pass me by.  Time is going too quickly!  Our life here on earth is SO SHORT! It's like a rope that extends for forever in both directions, never ending, and our life here on earth is but a small string tied to that infinite rope, so short, but it means EVERYTHING. And determines the rest of ETERNITY! No pressure

This week.. yet again has been crazy! It's Chinese new year right now, which means CRAZINESS lol. So basically over in Malaysia and Singapore you have mainly three cultures. Chinese, Muslim, and Ibans  And a bunch of other tribes, but they're the minority. Kayan, Bedayu etc.  So when there is a holiday here people go ALL OUT! They're no nonsense lol. So since it's Chinese new year and there are lots of partys and fooood and FIREWORKS! OH My goodness!!>......... I always used to love fireworks but the fireworks here... NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO hahaha... They are theeeee loudest thing I have ever heard in my LIFE! Like literally gun shots in my ear. So saturday night right after going to sleep we get woke up by loud banging noises! Not even my (orange ear plugs for rifle shooting could muzzle the sound!) lol... And they go off for HOURS On end!!!! lol..... ayyy oyyyee... 
Our neighbors had us over this morning too for FOOOOOOOD. (Chinese new year is 8.. 9 days long) then they give you these red envelopes inside with money in it to wish you luck and good fortune=)  They give them to those who are not yet married lol... So we have all already received a couple of envelopes from Chinese friends!

So this week in manner of investigators has been pretty sad to say the least. We lost SIX of our investigators (that were on date for baptism) to their childhood Church
Susan and Weiner and then the Tarang Family.  So, it has definitely been a rough week for Sister Taylor and I (emotionally) because we were so close with them, But, the Lord has a plan for each of his children!  I know that for a surety! Everyone is just ready at different times. It's all according to the Lords will and the Lords time.

Brother Eching is doing awesome!! he should be baptized in a couple of weeks.  And Linda is doing incredibly as well!! Her testimony grows INCREASingly every time we see her! She is AMAZING!
IFong is on date again for April, and is doing well! His wife reads the Book of Mormon to him daily!

All of our investigators are doing well and progressing. They recognize, feel, and come to know these things are true. And watching that change made in their life is incredible. Truly a miracle. This Gospel Is true and I will be forever grateful for it and forever indebted to my Lord and Savior.

I love you all!!!! And i hope that your week goes well and that you are all safe!

Love Your Brookie. .. Sister Blauer :)

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