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Monday, January 7, 2013

January 7

January 7, 2013


How's it going everyone? :D
I thoroughly enjoy all of the pictures I get from home.. sigh :) .. 

OHH my goodness!!.. My oh my. .. Thank you SOOOO so much for all of the printed pictures from home also! I just got them on Saturday! SO happy I was =)))  And the Gift from Kelly and Stacey.....!!!  :o  Thank you SO SO incredibly much! I cannot say thank you enough for that. .. goodness gracious.. I am so blessed. .. Thank you aunty stacey and uncle kelly :)  ... (HUG!!!! )

And AUNT AMY! JUST GOT YOURS AS WELL!  And I just finished reading the talk this morning...... Thank you thank you! I needed that.  p.s. .. it came JUST at the right time! you're the best!  p.s. .. CONGRATULATIONS KARA!!!! You're gonna be awesome out in TEXAS!  I love you to pieces my dear! You're gonna shred it up out there! :) yahoooo!!!!! :O

p..s. mom.. Still eating chocolate from my big package =p ... The joy never stops flowing from that package =) sigh... 
I was able to give all the white stockings away. (Julie sent a bunch of White Christmas stockings to Brooke. The idea is to write something down that you plan to give Christ for the coming year like service, improvement, anything to show your love. When the end of next year arrives, you pull out the stocking and evaluate how well you did during the year). We Even got like.. 100 missionaries it on it :) .... Sister Burtis had the idea that all the missionaries going to zone conference in Singapore (missionaries from Singapore, Johor baru, Sibu, Bintulu, And Miri), would all write our gift to Christ and then stick it in the stocking, without a name, and give it to President and Sister Mains for Christmas! So they could get inspiration from all (a lot) of their missionaries!  Mom, SISTER MAINS WAS CRYING! President Mains was pretty close himself lol ... They appreciated it SO much!
As well did all of the families that we gave them to! All of them are STILL hanging up on their walls!! :)

So this week was AWESOME! Getting more into the groove of the training thing. Sister Taylor is wonderful and she is learning so quickly.  We did really well this week also. We were able to find a LOT of in-actives and help them out. We also found about 5 new investigators just from looking for less active young women (as our Branch President Augustine had asked us to do). We were also able to put two of our awesome investigators on date this week. David and his wife Sicilliana. They're both like, 60 or 70 years old lol. Still kickin it though. David is the night guard at our church and is absolutely adorable! He's like, Sisters, I love guarding your church. I feel so safe, like God is there. I can feel him while I'm there :) That's how I know this is the Lord's Church.  He is so amazing! 

We also put Linda on date (We found Linda when looking for less active young women. She's the pregnant one, the one that wrote down her prayer.  Linda's husband was baptized two years ago but went inactive.  She is SO cute! She puts everyone in line! haha  she's like.. AY!.. KNEEL! we're praying!... (WITH a little silly smile on her face hehe)  She's awesome. She went to Bintulu for the next two weeks though, because her brother is sick. But we will proceed teaching her when she comes back!

Oh yes! and eric FINALLY PASSED THE SACRAMENT this Sunday! He's been wanting to for forever! But they always come in like 5 minutes too late, and he gets too scared to walk up to the front. So we walked with him up to the front and he passed the sacrament! We were so proud of him. He was so excited to fulfill his duty and pass the sacrament!

So. we spend a lot of time on the bike here.  It gives you time to really think about a lot of things. We can choose to either think about our lessons, our investigators, study words, or be thinking about things not pertinent to our mission. .......... Lately I've been thinking about how much I don't know about the Savior as well as i should. We learn about him, teach about him, sing about him, see pictures of him EVERY day. But do we really appreciate what he did for us? Do we truly USE his Sacrifice for us?  or do we leave his suffering up on a shelf saying, some day I should use that. Reading in Matthew 27 today really humbled me and gave me a better outlook on my Savior.  Even though we all know his name, and all know what he did for us we can ALWAYS understand the Atonement better. We can always come closer to the Savior by trying to understand what he went though and we can always show him our gratitute and love by USING and applying the Atonement in our lives. DAILY! On a bicycle, in the car, in every prayer, while pondering how to help our loved ones. ALWAYS!! He Did everything for us. He IS EVERYTHING!!!! And for that, we owe him all of our thoughts, actions, time, and love!! I love my Savior and I know he Lives, and I know that he died for each and every single one of God's Children.
I know Jesus Christ is the ONLY way we can return to Live with our God again, live in eternal happiness with him and with our families. I KNOW this Church is The ONLY Church on the earth that is Christ's church.. He is the Head. I say this in the Name of our Lord and redeemer Jesus Christ, Amen.

I love you all!!!!
love Sister Blauer! :)

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