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Monday, January 28, 2013

January 28, 2013

Hello All of my Beautifuls and Wonderfuls!  ( In moms words)
How are All of you? Sounds like things are going well over in the land 
of the cold.
Things over here in the land of the Hot and Humid are going Swimmingly 
=)   But my oh my has this week been an interesting one!
We have an inactive family in our area who's 30 yr old son passed away 
this week. He had downs syndrome.
So for Malaysian tradition, you go and mourn with the family for 3-5 
days, every night. So a bunch of ward members went and sembayang with 
them all (literally means worshiped). So we go and sing and pray and 
read scriptures for them. Give them hope and show them love. All while 
crowded in a small room, SITTING RIGHT NEXT TO THE DEAD 
BODY................... ya, little different, buuuuuuut that's tradition 
here I guess.  soooo ya.   They inject them with stuff though , so even 
though the dead body sits in the house for days, you don't smell them.
Then everyone eats, and does it again the next night!  We did this for 
about four nights and missed last night because we had to come in for 
and extra early reporting. It was good though because we were able to 
show our love and concern for the family and the dad has actually come 
back to church for the past two weeks.
Last night our appointments weren't home so we went over and helped them 
cook for the meal tonight. MALAYSIAN STYLE!  SO much fun!  LOTS of OIL 
.. YUMMMM!! hahaha. And IKAN BILIS!!!....little tiney dried fishies. 
Scrumptious! and yes, you're right dad! I need to send more pictures! 
I'll print a stack off today ok?  It just costs money and takes lots of 
time. Sorry I'm so bad at it! Please forgive me! pwwwwease? :))
OH! WEIRD fact, a lot of people keep turtles in their bathrooms? ya .. 
odd right. They're just crawlin around on the wet floor when you go in 
their to do your business. WEIRD! but kinda fun:)
OH! Another super cool thing we did this week! Sister Taylor and I 
discovered this burger place on the edge of all of the permy flats, and 
we eat there like all the time now. So sedap!  So basically we've made 
really good friends with the owner, Nura, and her maid that makes the 
burgers. Yuli. So they pretty much invited us to Nura's daughters 
birthday party! woot woot.  They were all so kind to us to invite us!  
So ya! My first time at an Islamic Birthday party=D haha..  They were 
taking pictures of us a lot too haha. People always randomly ask us here 
to take pictures with us.  But ya, it was a blast!  And they sent us 
home with a bunch of food too lol  AYE oh.. People here .... SO KIND!!.. 
They set an example for me!!
So yesterday at church we had a record of SIX people at CHURCH!!!>. WAH! 
:D  It was AWESOME!! and we have nine on date for baptism!
The Lord has blessed SIster Taylor and I with bountiful miracles to 
witness! EVERYDAY! At the end of the day for reporting our district 
leaders ask us if we had any miracles for that day and we ALWAYS HAVE! 
WE could go on for days about our miracles!
There Truly is a God that exists and he Loves us, knows us each 
individually. I testify of his reality and of the reality of his Son 
Jesus Christ. That they live and that they are very much aware of us and 
are near and around us EVERY DAY!!!
Love you ALL!!!>.
SIster Brookie Blauer!!

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