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Monday, January 21, 2013

January 21, 2013

Hello my Beautiful and Wonderful People
How art thou all!? :))
Sounds like you all are doing fantastic and that Baby Barrett is 
bringing immense joy to the home!... I CANNot wait to hold him!
This week in Miri Malaysia has been INCREDIBLE!!!... 7 people just 
committed to baptism in this week alone. ONE of which, being SISTER 
BUNGAN"S HUSBAND! :O :O :O :O ................................ his wife 
was baptized like seven years ago! And he FINALLY wants to learn and be 
a role model for the family! We are BEYOND ecstatic!! So great is my 
Joy =))))) He came to church bright and early and brought Eric on his 
moto bike and stayed and listened for all three hours! What a BLESSING!
We also have two other investigators named Susan and Weiner ages 15, and 
10, both VERY intelligent! Their dad usually listens too, but wasn't 
back from work yet when we came. They've all been learning from the 
missionaries for a long time now and they all have gained testimonies of 
the Book of Mormon along the way, but aren't quite connected that if the 
Book of Mormon is true, then its ALL true! They still keep having doubts 
between The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints and Roman 
Catholic. So finally towards the end of our meeting we all decided to 
kneel in prayer and ask Heavenly Father if this was his True Church on 
the Earth Today. Weiner offered it first, and after he was done he 
quickly said it and dropped from his knees and put his hand over his 
heart! We're like.. How do you Feel Weiner?? He Said, "Ada puas Hati" 
which means he has a satisfied heart! Then Susan Prayed and asked as 
well, the spirit was SO incredibly strong in those moments of kneeling 
before our Heavenly Father. After she closed we all sat there in silence 
taking in the witness we had all received from the Holy Ghost that this 
Church is indeed Jesus Christ's Church! Susan said, "I think I need to 
start going to this church every week!" They both committed to baptism 
on Feb. 26th!!! We are SO excited for them both! We of course FIRST 
will have to get the fathers permission and get him on date also and we 
pray the mother as well! She sat over on the couch listening but not 
participating as usual. Not for long though! hehe :)
so ya! I LOVe the work here.. I am so blessed to see the Lord work 
Miracles through his Children Every day.... I know these things are true!
Love you ALL!
Dengan kasih,
Sister Brookie Blauer

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