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Monday, January 14, 2013

January 14, 2013

Hello Beautiful and WONDERFUL Family!
How art thou all?

Our Week has been INCREDIBLE! I honestly..... Am amazed by the miracles that are wrought EVERY DAY! EVERY MOMENT OF EVERY DAY!  And that I , SISTER BLAUER, Get to witness them! :o............ So blessed I am! If I were to write every miracle that happened this week, I'd be here for A WEEK writing them! Otherwise I would!

I'll Share one experience with you all though! So as we have been trying to bring back many sheep to the fold (In active young women and others). We Had a girl that we had been putting off to go and see because she lives out in Tudan phase 5, like... Jungly no mans land. Hard to find houses type place. haha. So of course we had to set some daylight time aside to find it. While searching for it we ended up passing the house like four times! haha.. And I looked at it thinking, I think that's it?  But Instead kept biking and because we kept biking, we FOUND A FAMILY TO TEACH!  JUST DOWN THE ROAD! All Anglican and all Iban. We set up a return appointment for Saturday and we have already gone back to see them and teach them the restoration and they are Awesome!  So, after we had set up the return appointment we went in search for the house again. And FOUND It! :) ...   Basically this family had been inactive for YEARS! and YEARS!!
They were baptized back in 2005 when the church was pretty much born here and they had forgotten sadly EVERYTHING. But they had so many questions! And were so eager to learn again! They have a lot of problems that Jesus Christ and his atonement can help with! They were basically just amazed that we found them!! haha... We told them that we had been riding around for two hours and that God had led us to them all.  They were deeply touched and gladly let us enter their home and speak with them, even though at first they were very confused and defensive. After we told them that God wanted us to find them and helped us to reach their house, their hearts were softened and the Spirit was INCREDIBLY STRONG while we were there! I cannot wait to go back this Wednesday!

So just that miracle, multiplied by like .. 50!.. Is our Every week  It's the BEST!  I love This mission! I LOVE helping people and doing the Lord's work! I have never found such greater Joy than bringing truth to those perishing in unbelief. I love this Gospel and I love My Savior Jesus Christ.
.. And I love you ALL!!!!!!...
Love Forever. Aku Sayangi Kamu Semua Sekerang, dan untuk Selamanya!
love Sister Blauer :)

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