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Monday, December 24, 2012

December 24, 2012

Hello everyone!
BAHH!!.. I can't wait to talk to you all in TWO DAYS!!!!.... eeeee :+
WAIT! Where is KARA GOING? (Brookes' cousin Kara is going on a mission to San Antonio, TX)

Sorry this letter wont be very long, but I will be seeing you on Skype in two days! woot woot!  .. on YOUR Christmas night!! =) ... 

I love you all family and I hope all is well with you all!  Things here are going great! Singapore was awesome this week. A lot of spiritual upliftment and I was able to leave with a lot of things to think about and improve on!

Investigators are.. mostly moving forward!!  Got a lot of work to do out in the field here though.
My Companion is awesome!  So sweet she is. .. and her accent is pretty cool also haha... She always uses the word mate and .. words like that haha too funny!....  She has such a sweet delicate way of helping others and has a strong love
for the people! I am so lucky to have her as a companion!

WELLP!.... I must be going!! So sorry this letter is so short!!...But we were in Singapore this week mostly!! I love you all!!!
See you SOON! Love Sister Blauer =)

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