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Monday, December 17, 2012

December 17, 2012
SELEMAT HARI JADI BAPA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :D

How is everyone? I love you all so much! You're the best family in the universe!
So ya!........ I will be skyping you on your 25th.... probably at either 9:15 a.m. or 10:15 Malaysian time. Will that work?

This week has been great! I got a traineee!!! ahhhhh I'm a MOM already!!! lol.......  Everyone's like hey sister Blauer.. How ya feelin? .. You're training already?? .. Are ya scared? you're so new!...... ya ya thanks everyone.. No pressure!! lol. ... But ya!!!
 it is actually going .. awesome! haha... we picked em up in Singapore this past week.  My trainee's name is Sister Lissa Taylor from Melbourne Australia! She is a SWEETHEART, and bless her heart, first day out in the field, I got SICK! haha So I was throwing up all night and couldn't get out to do appointments that day. It is the first time I've been sick in forever!!  I felt HORRIBLE. I wanted to just get out there and go straight to work with her! but ALAS, I could not.  She was a trooper though, she took good care of me.

The next day was awesome! Fabulous:) And she said she loved it!  She is an awesome missionary and follows the spirit so well!!

We also had a miracle! (well another. Miracles continue to happen) some lady named Alice called us on Sunday morning and about 7:30 saying that she was at the church and she'd been there since 7. We're like, "it doesn't start til 9:00" haaha... so sister Burtis and her companion went to church (their branch starts at 9) and they met her there. She had been waiting in the scorching hot for 2 hours and then stayed for ALL THREE HOURS!!  Turns out a few weeks past when Sister Burtis and I were looking for an address we pulled over and asked her for directions, she didn't seem to interested in our message and she wouldn't give us her number, but we gave her a pamphlet anyway with our number on the back. She said she didn't think much of the pamphlet until she flipped it over to the back and saw the picture of the Book of Mormon! She said she had seen one in Senedine (another city) years ago and she had wanted one EVER SINCE! :O ...... so basically she is SO prepared by the Lord and we are so stoked to go and teach her tomorrow!! :D

Mom, dad,... semua keluarga saya............... thank you SOOO much for the PACKAGE! oh my word, you're right, mom did go a little overboard, but i loved EVERY MINUTE OF THAT PACKAGE! MOM!!>. YOU"RE CRAZY INCREDIBLE!!!>..... You have NO idea how much that package meant! It couldn't have gotten any more PERFECT! My heart is so touched. Thank you.
(Brooke apparently opened all of her Christmas presents when she got the package last week).
And OH my goodness, thank you for the Dolce and Gabana BODY WASH! Holy cow! I hope you didn't spend too much on that, that was very kind of you!
And that BOOK! I didn't understand what it was at first until I opened it and dads voice started coming out of the book... tears were streaming from my eyes............ .... I don't know how you could have gotten me ANYTHING better. I Don't deserve all of the kindness you show me! I love you all so much. THANK YOU! KISSES AND HUGS AND KISSES AND HUGS!

p.s... while I was looking through all of those wonderful pictures!!...  DANG DANIELLE! can some one say SMOKIN!?!?  .. Sister Burtis kept on saying.. dangg.. your sister is a rockstar.. .. forreal!!!..

Well, I love you my beautiful familia!! You're the best.
love you forever and always
Sister Brookie Blauer =)

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