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Monday, December 31, 2012


December 31, 2012
Selamat Hari Kristmas dan Tahun Baru!
How was everyone's CHRISTMAS? mine was the best :) I gots to talk to me family! =)  
Ya'll doin anything fun for the new year?

This week was great! Like I said over Skype, on Christmas day we basically spent the entire day EATING ... lol. ... The culture here on Christmas is to go to all of the houses of friends and family (or in our case members and investigators). So we started at 11, and got done at 9:30! (our curfew here is a half an hour later than all other missions ;)  So I ended up eating at TEN HOUSES!! and I still missed like FIVE! (they were upset with me cause we didn't come and they said they invited me but I guess my language still isn't the greatest! And I some how missed the memo .. eeee :/  haha.  So we've been going around making it up to people by eating their food! So basically it's the same food at every house. Curry Chicken, rice, and oily vegetables, sometimes some other things like sarawak cake (I'll go into detail about food for Taylors sake) Fish Jerky, Lamb, seaweed (ummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm) soda! lots of soda :/  wintermelon drink or soy milk or chrysanthemum, or vegetable leaf things from the side of the road, which, DON"T GET ME WRONG!.. it's all Super delish the first THREE HOUSES! buuuuuuuuuuuuuutttt.. after about five houses ... sigh :)  let's just say my comp just about threw up.  She learned quickly that you have to dish YOUR OWN plate, otherwise they'll stack it on. And you GOTTA finish food here. MAKAN HABIS SISTER! (EAT IT TIL ITS GONE!!) NO PRESSURE RIGHT?
But ya! It was over all a STELLAR Christmas. I eat their food, they have smile on their face :D, so = I smile also :D

Taylor, we also eat lots of fruit! My favorite! DURIAN!  Terap, Isu, memewang,.. Rambutan, bananas of all sizes, Mangosteen, langsa, ... OODLES MORE!!>. And I love it all!!! :p

We had some WONDERFUL experiences this week! IFONG is now on date to be baptized February 10th!!!  His Wife said she still needs to think about it because she has already been baptized once, but they've been praying separately and together so that's good! But they have yet to receive their answer. Maybe because they haven't been reading the Book of Mormon. Just a guess though :)  And IFONG can't read, so he says, if she reads I Listen :D He wants to hear the words of the Book of Mormon, but he can't if his wife doesn't read to him. So We'll have to work on that.

We went looking for a less active young women two weeks ago and ended up finding an inactive young man with his (yet to be a member) wife! MIRACLE! She LOVES everything we teach her. Her religion is Iban though, so we've been teaching her a lot about Jesus Christ and about prayer. Last time she wouldn't pray with us because she didn't feel comfortable, so we challenged her to practice until we came back. When we went back yesterday she had her friend help her write down her prayer (it's a good start)  She wants to learn! If that means she needs to  write it down an first, by all means! She listens so intently. And sister Taylor Invited her to baptized and she said yes! She also will be preparing to be baptized on Feb. 10th!

I am SO lucky, SO blessed to be able to serve these wonderful people!
I know that the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints is Christ's Church on the Earth Today!  We are so blessed!

I love you all!
Bertamu Baru!
Love Sister Blauer

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