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Monday, November 26, 2012

November 26, 2012
This week has been stellar. A lot of miracles were wrought.
Yesterday we went faith finding and found like... FOUR New families to 
teach! Incredible RIGHT? So stoked!
We also got a new branch presidency, and so we are going to all of their 
houses this week to see how we can better help them all, and the branch 
better grow!
So yesterday, Eric was able to receive the Aaronic Priesthood! Which he 
has been asking about for about a MONTH now. So cute he is! We're like k 
Eric!.. But ya gotta get baptized and receive the Holy Ghost first ya 
know.. .lol .. And we had to keep reminding him of that. He is adorable 
though.... and so kind... although he is only 13.... the changes in him 
are HUGE!... And the changes in their family are INCREDIBLE!... Their 
whole family is becoming more and more close to one another.
Last night we went over there and Aspin Roy and Amelda were ALL there! 
... Roy wants to come back again (baptized a long time ago with bungan) 
... And Emelda has already read a LOT in the Book of Mormon and has a 
strong desire to Change her life,.. Her husband Aspin though has been 
another story.... We've prayed that he would have a change of heart for 
a long time, and last week he just went to jail for the third time.... 
oye kurumba.... But , yesterday when we saw him we could see something 
changing in him......... Him and Roy and Amelda asked us to make a list 
for them on Scriptures about Sin and repentance. So we're excited to 
give that list to them! Slowly but Surely Aspin is coming around.
Lol And Bungan! OH my goodness.. I LOVE. THAT. WOMAN!!!... lol. ... She 
is something else...... lol. ....
She's incredible also!... Even though she doesn't have a lot of money 
and almost all of her like TEN kids have gone way astray at some point 
(the older ones). She is always so accepting of allowing them to return 
again. She even takes care of her grandkid (even though her daughter is 
capable) and she takes care of another kid (Augustine) who apparently 
isn't even her son! lol... oh goodness.... And all of the neighbor kids 
are ALWAYS over there................. I want my home to be like hers 
one day..... A home of Refuge for All. ......... And she is an AMAzING 
teacher! Even though she cannot read... SHE KNOWS HER STUFF!!...And 
people listen to her. .. they know she's a smart woman.. haha it's 
funny watching her whip people into shape!
Cool story,...... So,.... I have struggled these past two months.. 
Understanding the people here and their language.......... So much...... 
Talking is another thing,.. I am decent at talking... but when it 
comes to understanding.... eeee..... i sturuggle. But for the first time 
this week while Sister Bungan was talking to me she said Sister Blauer, 
listen to me! So I focused so intently!! For a straight minute or two 
... I understood EVERY word she was conveying to me. Words cannot 
express the joy I felt and peace. And the testimony that the Lord ALWAYS 
answers our prayers... but Always in HIS time...... .. Because he wants 
us to LEARN and GROW!.. That is why we are here!!!... to become better, 
stronger, and happier people!!!!.... without our challenges and 
sadnesses... WE COULD NOT KNOW JOY!!!.. I testify that that is true. .. 
And only through Jesus Christ can we have lasting joy in this life and 
in the eternities.
Love you all family! SO incredible much!...
MWAH!! Sister Brookie Blauer =)

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