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Monday, November 19, 2012

November 18, 2012

Hello My beautiful keluarga dan kawanku!!!!

This week has been stellar!  We had a baptism on Saturday!!! Cute little Eric got baptized on his Birthday! best birthday present ever. He looks like he is 8 or 9 but he is really 13 people are so tiny here.  He is amazing though, it has been truly a miracle and a blessing to watch him change over these past two months, their family has completely masuk hati kami (entered our hearts) ... love them all. 

oh! and i totally forgot to tell you!!!... we went to Lambir last p-day :)   hiked through the jungles of Borneo. No biggie ya know B) .... haha. ...  and i got leeches on my feetsies! ...tidapa though (its chill).  I plucked those suckers off! I will hopefully be sending those pictures soon!

also! dad,... will you get every picture I've sent you off the email and put them somewhere safe?

So those pictures I sent last week of the service project was because our new mission president has asked us to serve 4 hours every week.   We were SO blessed with this opportunity! ...  it even made the Borneo Post! I was lucky enough that they let me paint the sign :) sigh, I still get to do art work on the other side of the world. Man-o-man I'm a lucky duck. 

Also! ... this whole time i have been using a hand me down bike, and it broke. It is getting fixed right now so I'll have to pay some personal money for it.  Probably only like 10-20 dollars though and if when transfers come I stay in a biking area, I'm going to have to buy mine own.

btw!! Terrie!!!!! thank you SOSOSOSOSOSOSOSOSOSOSOSOSOSO MUCH! for the package!!! you are so kind... I sent you a birthday card before I got your package though so I will try and write you again shortly! I love you so much.

Anywho!!!! This week we had zone meeting and Sister and President Mains came from Singapore. AWESOME.
Pther than that, everything is going along normal! Well as normal as normal can be here in these parts of Miri.
Love the work though and I LOVE the people

.. hey! remember that one quote that goes a little something like this, If the FBI cant find em the missionaries will.  Turns out this statement is TRUE! hahaha.... sigh.... no need to go into details about that one!

I love you all so much.
The Church is true.   I know it within every part of me and can not and will not ever deny that this is the Lords Church on the Earth.

Jangan Lupa Berdoa!!!
Dengan Kasih, 
Sister Blauer

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