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Monday, November 5, 2012

Nov Letter

WAH!... SO this week was AMAZING!.. A lot happened!.....
We even got a small hurricane that came through....  All is well though! ...  we were safely inside when it happened ..
This week we have Erics baptism coming up!!.. So cute he is..  during the middle of teaching his older brother Augustine.. he tapped sister Burtis on the knee and said, Sister! .. I remember the 5 steps to Repentance!..........  First... Berbaut Dosa!!.... that means.. Do Sin! ... hahahhahahahha ... We're like ahhhhh noooooooooooooooo  haha...  the repentance process is only IF you do the sin! .. lol. ... He's so awesome though.. He has such a strong desire to learn and it's so funny because him and his less active mother, Sister Bungan (have been active for over a month now) Showed up at church an hour early!!! hahaha.. We're like.. uhhhhhhh what are you doing??.... I guess she forgot or something? lol ... She's like,.. oh well,.. I'll sit here and think. ... lol. ..  So great she is. ... Then her son Augustine.. about 20 yrs old .. has been learning also!... He is great ... In one day he dropped from 20 cigarettes a day to 1 ! .... But he's a huge alcoholic........ so that one will take a little more time.. but with his desire and the Lord's help, ALL can be made right through the Atonement of Jesus Christ :) .. His baptism date is for December 23rd. ...  And then! ... Sister Bungan's other son and daughter in law showed up! ... Never been before.. They use to get taught but then stopped.. and out of the blue they called and asked if they could come!! ... of course!!.. haha.. So it was SO great having the whole family at church!!!  (Other than the father), four of which aren't members! .. This family is coming together piece by piece.. it's Amazing to Witness..
So we had another interesting encounter this week with a man who pulled over and yelled out that he wanted a copy of the Book of Mormon! SO UNCOMMON HERE!!   The church is new new here, and most people are too shy to even talk to us when WE GO UP TO THEM! We thought it was kind of strange but we gave one to him and apparently he took the discussions 7 years ago and gave his last copy away to a friend and just liked reading it cause it was about Christ. Sooo ya.. haha
So ya we called and asked if he could meet with him and he was hesitant, so we just showed up at his house=) .......... In a Torrential Downpour of cold rain and at 8 o clock at night in the dark, on our bicycles. hahaha  ... and we're like.... HEY!!!  We just wanted to stop by and say Hello!!! :D ....  hahaha... People out here think we are CRAZY!!!.. Nobody goes out in the rain here especially in a torrential downpours in the dark, in a dress, on a bike? ............. haha....  .. WE always say that this is PROOF that the church is TRUE!... lol:)
So anyway, his whole family let us in and they were AMAZING!! Words cannot describe HOW amazing. We were blown away by their charity.
We'll definitely be going back soon. His name is Hammrie.  We feel like he might be a member (sometimes people out here don't tell you if they're members or not. forreal ................... lol) ...... .... SO MANY DETAILS ABOUT THE STORY AND ABOUT THIS MAN, And ABOUT ALL OF OUR OTHER INVESTIGATORS THAT i WANT TO GO INTO DETAIL ABOUT BUT MY TIME IS SO SHORT!!!!!.....
I Love you all. I hope you know that, and think of you often and you are always in my prayers.....
Best family a girl could ask for:) Love you! Hugs and kisses!!
Sister Brookie Blauer
"It would mock the Savior's suffering in the Garden Of Gethsemane and on the cross for us to expect that he would transform us into angelic beings, without no real effort on our part." - Ensign Nov. 2011 Elder D. Todd Christopherson .. I suggest that EVERYONE should read this talk! It's amazing!

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